Guest DJ Ironman Bill Palermo


Ironman triathlete and softball coach, Bill Palermo, recently joined Morning Mix host, Joey Spehar, to talk about the kind of music that keeps him motivated during training. At age 65, Palermo has qualified for the 2014 Ironman World Championship in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Bill is the winningest coach in WPIAL history and was the softball coach at Sto-Rox High School for years.  He's now influencing the athletic experiences of his grandchildren by running and swimming with them.

Bill started his guest DJ set off with Bob Dylan’s, “Summer Days” off of his 31st studio album Love and Theft which was released in 2011. During the summer months Bill heads to the water and runs up and down the beach and really likes to listen to summer themed tunes. Despite the fact that his family likes to poke fun at his summertime soundtrack, Bill is happy to share with us a song off of this specific playlist.

Afterwards, we heard “Living Loving Maid” off of Led Zeppelin’s second self titled album released in October of 1969. This song gets Bill pumped up and keeps him going throughout the race, similar to the other music by Led Zeppelin which he reserves for those 60 mile bike rides.

“The tempo, the cadence, the motivation, the energy that they [Led Zeppelin] give you, I put them into my legs and try to make those hills”

The last song Bill played for us was one inspired by his time coaching softball, and what enthused his kids to work their hardest. Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” came to mind.

“I used music in preparing my kids. We had a playlist every year with a theme, it might be a theme of fight songs, it might be a theme for having heart, being strong, being tough,” says Bill right before he tells the story of a young man who made a speech about Bill at a banquet. The young man claimed that Palermo had their back and if they had a game in hell, he would be right behind them and their team would be the victor. Tom Petty’s song serves as a memento from this speech.

Bill ends his guest DJ set and leaves WYEP listeners with a word of advice on staying active, which was to simply get out and do anything at your own pace.

Bill's Ironman Playlist:

Bob Dylan - Summer Days
Led Zeppelin - Living Loving Mad (She's Just A Woman)
Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down

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