Grand Piano Interview


The quirky rock band from Pittsburgh Grand Piano releases its new debut album Leap Year today on Wild Kindness Records. Thomas Cipollone, Zak Kane and Nick DeAngelo joined Joey Spehar on the Morning Mix to talk about the new album.

Kane said one of the main reasons for the album title, as big or small as it seems, was that all the songs were written on a leap year. “When we picked out the songs, we started to see that there was a concept that was emerging, so we decided to run with it.”

The brass section of Grand Piano ultimately defines the band’s sound and brings what DeAngelo says isn’t heard much in rock and roll anymore. “It just gives our sound that fat, classic rock and roll tone.” Cipollone says a plus of having more horns means it’s okay to do instrumentals on the album, and there are three, without feeling like there’s something missing in the song.

One of the band’s songs that sticks out on the album, Spehar says, is “Punk Rocker,” and Kane describes it as “having an idea of what you want to do and kind of moving away from it and being unaware that you’re moving away from it and then looking back in retrospect and realizing you still kind of achieved what you initially wanted to, but it happened in a roundabout sort of way.”

With the band’s current success, things have remained cohesive, the band says, as many of the members knew each other’s personalities either from school, work, or earlier times before Grand Piano.

Grand Piano is known for having an explosive live show and those who wanted to see it firsthand can see the band perform July 15 in Schenley Plaza for Final Fridays.

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