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Michael Fitzpatrick, aka Fitz of Fitz & The Tantrums, talks to Cindy Howes about the band's new energy-infused sophmore release, More Than Just a Dream.

The new album, More Than Just a Dream, incorporates the live shows and audience particpation into the writing and recording process.  Fitzpatrick explains how they kept the audience in mind while writing the album More Than Just a Dream,"When we were writing we kind of had the audience in mind.  It just became kind of natural way of looking at our song writing knowing we have this audience that participates and sing along and answer call with us."

Since their start in 2008, Fitz & The Tantrums have become known for their vivacious live performances.  Fitzpatrick explains the origin and development of their live shows,  "The music itself was very danceable and uplifting, although the lyrics were very biting.  So there was this kind of push and pull between the lyrics and music. that automatically made there be this [musical] tension. Honestly Noel was such an amazing performer, we just kept pushing each other further at every moment.  The more we saw that we engaged the audience, the more we saw they got into to and it became this energy loop between us the the audience."

Fitz & The Tatrums worked with producer Tony Hoffer on More Than Just a Dream.  However, the band did a lot of preproduction at home.  Fitzpatrick comments on the writing and recording process of More Than Just a Dream, "We had made our first record in my house, in my living room.  Going into record two and actually having budget to go and work with a producer and work in the studio we didn't also wanna turn our backs on the place that created the original magic.  Just being in your home environment in a more relaxed atmosphere to be creative. I love to create a mood and an atmosphere, I like to feel where I'm at."  Fitz & The Tatrums have accumulated quite the diverse fan base over the years.  The age range of the fan base varies from teenagers those around during the original years of soul and Motown.  Fitzpatrick comments on the fan base of Fitz & The Tantrums, " It's one of the most diverse crowds you'll see from the older couple to the young hiptser dude.  They're all at the concert and they don't care if they're in this very eclectic mix of crowd of people.  I think it just lets everybody enjoy the music even more." 

Fitz & The Tatrums have become known for their hard work ethis and do it yourself attitude.  Although they are now signed to a major record label, Fitz & The Tantrums stays true to their DIY roots.  Fitzpatrick comments on the work ethic of the band, "It's a credit to everybody in the band.  When we started we didn't have two pennies to rub against each other, we didn't have any support from anybody.  It was really on our shoulders and we started with that sort of do it yourself work ethic.  And then we just saw that the harder we worked, the more we gained fans."

Fitzpatrick explained the epiphany in college that made him decide to pursue his love first love, music.  Although Fitzpatrick has recently found success with Fitz & The Tantrums, the road was filled with many obstacles and heartbreaks.  Fitzpatrick comments on his journey to the road of success, "Back then I wanted the world.  I grew up in Los Angeles, which is such an industry driven town, unfortunately.  It was having my heart broken and being rejected one too many times and that caused me to pick up and put down the strings which got me to a place where I was at peace with the fact that maybe this wasn't going to happen.  And that's when things started happening for the band."  With that being said, Cindy asked Fitzpatrick what the one piece of advice he would offer to anyone trying get a start in the music industry.  "Don't wait for anybody.  Go create your own future and make sure that you're true to yourself and doing something authentic to yourself."

Fitz & The Tantrums' More Than Just a Dream is out now on Elektra Records.

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