Eric Pulido of Midlake on The Morning Mix


The Denton, Texas band, Midlake has been around for about ten years releasing lush folk music that is reminiscent of Fairport Convention and other British 60’s folk rock bands. This past year marked a major shift in the group. Tim Smith, Midlake’s main singer and songwriter abruptly left the band. All members of Midlake stepped up to record a new album that they had promised. What came of that experience is a sound swelling with psychedelic influence and band that has begun a new exciting chapter. Cindy Howes spoke with new Midlake frontman, Eric Pulido about their new record, Antiphon.

When it was announced back in August that Eric would be taking over for Tim Smith, there was much excitement for the band’s future, but there was some worry also. “At the time, it was in some ways a daunting task. When your lead singer and songwriter leaves the band, it kind of shakes things up a bit,” Eric says. This, they though, was just another “chapter of opportunity”, and it seems to have paid off with Antiphon. “It’s the most communal record we’ve ever done together.”

Cindy asked Eric about the difficulties of recovering from losing the frontman of the band. “There was never any talk of breaking up. We still wanted to continue on. But was it difficult? Yeah, there were definitely some fears and insecurities.”

Midlake had recorded album and a half worth of material before Tim left the band, and all of it was scrapped with Tim left the group. New material for Antiphon was written and recorded in 6 months. “I wouldn’t say it was easy, there were definitely a lot of growing pains, especially early on. But it was kind of like running a marathon. Even though these were new songs, it was still the same objective. We were still trying to create a record.  Even though there wasn’t necessarily a deadline, we wanted to finish that race.”

It is safe to say that Midlake seems to have won the race, and the new album Antiphon is out now. Pick it up and enjoy this new psychedelic sound.

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