Emily Haines Guest DJ


On the occasion of the band Metric playing in Pittsburgh, Emily Haines plays Guest DJ on the Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. Haines is the frontwomen for the Brooklyn-based indie pop band and also a member of the Canadian collective, Broken Social Scene. 

In light of a recent wedding attended by Emily, her first song is "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, who actually performed at the wedding.  Emily spoke very highly of the show put on by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, "If you get chance to go see them you'll really enjoy their show." 

Emily's second song for her Guest DJ set is Lou Reed's "Perfect Day." Reed was actually featured on the track "The Wanderlust," off of Metric's album Synthetica.  In the past, Reed has performed "The Wanderlust" as well as  medley of his own music live with Metric at the iconic New York City venue Radio City Music Hall. "His [Lou Reed's] role in New York City is huge."  However, the reasoning for Emily Haines' second song in her Guest DJ set was due to Lou Reed's recent illness which he is currently fighting.  Haines' comments on Reed's recent health and how she believes that he will prevail and get back out on the stage by saying, "Lou will prevail, what an amazing and legendary human being and artist. We need to put our love and support behind him." 

The final song of Emily Haines' Guest DJ set is "Tender" by Blur.  Haines expresses her desire to fufill her dream collaboration with Damon Albarn. "I think he's such an interesting artist who's really managed to keep going beyound Blur. The stuff he's done solo I find really inspiring and just the way he represents the concious human." Before wrapping up her Guest DJ set, Emily Haines discusses how mixtapes made by her father both inspired her and helped her discover new music. "I remember The White Stripes the first time I heard "Hello Operator" was from a mix tape from my dad. It was an amazing gift to discover music that way."


Emily's Guest DJ set:
1. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes - "Home"
2. Lou Reed - "Perfect Day"
3. Blur - "Tender"

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