Diego Garcia on The Morning Mix


Diego Garcia talked to Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix about his latest album Paradise, latin music and his incredible encounter with George Harrison. 

His first solo album, Laura, is based on Garcia’s real life experiences about getting over a lost love. Paradise finds Garcia in a better place, having won his love back. “Now, having Laura back in my life and keeping me grounded, my highs are higher and my lows are lower. Everything seems more real, and it’s a lot nicer that way,” Garcia says. Cindy says, “To me it sounds like a very happy album.” Diego admitted , “I think you’re always scared, as a songwriter, that you might be dried up,” when Cindy asked how difficult the album was to make. “After one of our last tours, I went into the studio back in March, and out came “Tell Me”, which is the second track on the new record, and that gave me the confidence to get back into things.”

Diego attended Brown University, where Dhani Harrison, Will Oldham, Erin McKeown, Lisa Loeb, The Low Anthem and many other musical luminaries attended. “I was actually in a band with Dhani Harrison. We were covering Iggy Pop together. But he actually wrote “You Were Never There” from the album Laura with me. If you listen to that song, you can actually here that he was definitely channeling his pops.”

Diego Garcia has a very interesting story about meeting George Harrison. “I was nineteen, so it was a little before I really understood the magnitude of this, and we went to Henley, you know, Friar Park Studios, where he did All Things Must Pass and all The Traveling Wilburys stuff. We were at his castle, and it was magical.

“It was ten days, but I remember the first day I went into the studio and I was just grabbing every guitar I could see, and I looked through the glass between us and the mixing board and George walks in. And he just comes up to me, grabs the guitar that I was holding, sat down and he just starts playing, and his foot was tapping the ground in this way that was so mesmerizing. I think he liked me because I was so raw, you know, not trained at all. He gave me my first real confidence! When you hear George Harrison say something good about your voice, you know, he likes me, and that’s a sign.

“You’d wake up and go into the main house. George would be on the piano, Uncle E.C. would be calling, Uncle E.C. being Eric Clapton, and just out of the blue, it had been 30 years, Ravi Shankar dropped by with his 19 year old girlfriend… And then just to make things more surreal, the solar eclipse hit. Where we were was one of the best places in the world to be.”

Cindy concluded, “Well, Diego Garcia, the album Paradise is amazing, and if anyone says anything bad about your music, you can just say, ‘You know what, George Harrison thought I was awesome.’” 

“Yeah that meant a lot, and I also say that my mom likes me too," Garcia concluded.

The album, Paradise, is out now.

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