Dawn Landes on The Morning Mix


Dawn Landes recently joined Morning Mix host, Cindy Howes, to talk about her most recent album, Bluebird, released on Western Vinyl in February, 2014. Landes has spent a considerable amount of time practicing music in New York and around Europe, however, Bluebird shows clear musical roots from her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Landes used a producer for the first time on this record which really affected the sonic influence of this album compared the the rest. Thomas Bartlett, otherwise known as Doveman, characterized by Landes as having a Spartan aesthetic, insisted Landes recorded the album mostly live. “It’s not really a Thomas production if you can’t hear yourself breathing. He’s got this thing where it’s not volatile but there’s a lot of space,” says Dawn.

Bluebird can be seen as her emotional response to her recent divorce of singer-songwriter, Josh Ritter. Ritter released a similar album in 2013 that tells the other side of the breakup story which Dawn has understandably avoided listening to. While continuing to be a fan of his songwriting, Dawn says that she’ll wait until Ritter releases a different album that she’ll listen to instead.

“Bluebird” was the first song written off the album and was the tune that got the creative juices flowing for the rest of Bluebird. She hadn’t found that certain inspiration she was looking for when writing new songs for her all-girl trio, The Bandana Splits, but once “Bluebird” was written effortlessly, Dawn felt she was finally headed in the right direction.

Norah Jones makes a Bluebird appearance on piano throughout the record and on vocals with the song “Cry No More.” “She came in and played on Love Song and then when we tracked “Cry No More” she just liked the music and we thought, “Well you’re here, you might as well sing on the song, you’d be perfect on it,” and she just did it, and it was amazing.

Bluebird is out now and you can hear the full interview with Cindy Howes below.

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