Dan Zanes Guest DJ


Dan Zanes used to be in a band called Del Fuegos, but for the past decade, he's been making great music for families.  He teamed up with Elizabeth Mitchell for his latest album Turn Turn Turn and joined Joey Spehar of The Morning Mix for a set of Kid-Approved songs.

Joey and Dan Zanes start out with a discussion about how the birth of his daughter was his introduction into “kid approved” music.  For the first song of his Guest DJ set Dan Zanes chose “Little Nut Tree” by The Melodians.  “It’s a rock steady song from the 1960s and this is the first recording my daughter heard in her life when we she came back from the hospital.  I played her Little Nut Tree and I ended up putting it on one of my CDs,” explains Zanes.

Dan Zanes chose “Melody In Me” by Shine & The Moonbeams for the second song on his Guest DJ set.  Zanes talks about how Shine & The Moonbeams have filled a void of soulful kid friendly music with their recent album, “They’re doing something that sounds like soul music to me, but it’s all ages.  There hasn’t been music for an all ages crowd that I’m aware of, I love them.”

For his final selection Dan Zanes chose “Under The Boardwalk” from The Deighton Family.  “This is one of the most inspiring family bands I have ever heard.  They did a lot of traditional songs but they also a lot of 50s and 60s rock and roll and soul music but in a very unique acoustic handmade style.  I just love their version of Under The Boardwalk.”

Dan Zanes' Guest DJ Set:

The Melodians - Little Nut Tree
Shine & The Moonbeams - Melody In Me
The Deighton Family - Under The Boardwalk

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