Cody Dickinson of North Mississippi Allstars on The Morning Mix


The North Mississippi Allstars dropped their newest album, World Boogie Is Coming, September 3rd, and in honor of the occasion, Cody Dickinson joined Cindy Howes over the phone for the Morning Mix.

Cody Dickinson said the album’s title, World Boogie Is Coming, comes from an expression his father used to say as a farewell. “It was my father’s favorite valediction, it was his sign-off and his way of saying goodbye. The phrase has always resonated with me, and it seemed like a fitting title for this record, you know, to capture his spirit and dedicate it to his memory.” Jim Dickinson worked with artists like Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Ry Cooder.

The album was heavily influenced by the region, and pulls in many regional artists and old friends that worked with the late Jim Dickinson, including Duwayne and Garry Burnside, Sharde Thomas, and even Robert Plant. Cody Dickinson asked Plant to join the North Mississippi Allstars for this album during the High Sierra Music Festival, and when they got to the studio they just clicked. But it wasn’t the only time Plant and the Allstars collaborated, having worked together with Patty Griffin’s album American Kid.

Cody Dickinson said that he made a conscious effort to keep this album, World Boogie Is Coming, more mature and more traditional. This objective came from the realization that new, young musicians are looking to The North Mississippi Allstars for inspiration and learning, and the preservation of that tradition is important. Meanwhile, Cody said that it’s important to stay interesting without being selfish.

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