Christine McVie 70th Birthday Tribute


On the occasion of Christine McVie's 70th birthday, Rosemary Welsch and Cindy Howes discuss her impressive career and share some of her best Fleetwood Mac songs on The Morning Mix.

Christine McVie is one of the more underrated songwriters in music.  Fleetwood Mac was fortunate to have the likes of Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Peter Green, and many other great songwriters come and go throughout the years.  “It was an amazing of array of people who came and went in that band.  So songwriting has always been the key to what makes that band so great,” states Welsh.

Cindy asked Rosemary Welsh to select some of her favorite Fleetwood Mac songs in honor of Christine McVie’s birthday.  Rosemary’s first selection is “Come a Little Bit Closer” off the album Heroes Are Hard to Find.  “I’m going to go back to an album before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band.  This was back when Bob Welch and Christine McVie were the main songwriters in the band.”

Although it was McVie’s keyboard that helped give Fleetwood Mac it’s unique sound, she did not start out on the keys.  “She originally started as a bass player.  When she was in college and it was the early  sixties, blues-rock was the huge thing.  The first band she was ever in was a blues band.  She was a real anomaly, a woman bass player in an all male blues rock back. She was out there on her own.  Later on she went into another band and they wanted her to be a keyboard player.  She had never played the keyboard so they gave her a bunch of records. She was listening to Freddy King records and he had a great piano player named Sonny Thompson.  And that’s how she learned to play, it was with blues.  Now she took it way beyond that and made it a signature sound.  That’s the foundation of her keyboard playing, is from Sonny Thompson.”

For her second selection, Rosemary chose the song “Songbird” from the album Rumours.  “Fleetwood Mac, when it was touring with Rumours, would always end with this song.  They did this for many years.  By that point in time their [John and Christine’s] relationship had died, he [John McVie] would stand on the side of the stage and he would cry when the song was played” explains Welsh.

A lot of people are unaware of McVie’s solo release, Christine Perfect, Perfect was her maiden name.  Cindy and Rosemary wrap up this “Guest DJ” set with a discussion of Christine McVie’s songwriting ability.  Rosemary comments on the career of Christine McVie,  “As you look at what she’s done with her career it would be hard to top what she’s done.  [She is] such a good songwriter and somebody who never really sought out the limelight.”

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