Chet Vincent & The Big Bend Release New Album


Chet Vincent and Abe Anderson of the local band Chet Vincent and The Big Bend recently joined Cindy Howes of the Morning Mix to discuss their newest album, Unconventional Dog in anticipation for its release party Jan 10th at Belvedere's.  Originally a folk-rock 5 piece group, Chet Vincent and the Big Bend recently moved away from folk, and more towards rock for their newest album. 

Before The Big Bend came along, Chet Vincent had been playing music since he was a young boy, growing up on the Shadyside Academy campus where his father worked.  By the end of high school he started writing his own songs and thought of it as a natural progression.  Never truly confident about his own singing voice, Chet Vincent drew influence and gained confidence from artists like Neil Young and Bob Dylan and from there he took off.

“Another one is the band The Silver Jews. He has a really unusual voice and he has a line in one of his songs “All my favorite singers couldn’t sing” and that really stuck with me.”

Vincent says that it was not hard for him to break from his original creativity and influence to make a gritty blues-rock album because it felt natural. Unconventional Dog was not produced in a normal recording studio, but instead inside the family home of the bands’ drummer, Abe Anderson, while his parents were away for a few months. With all of this time and familiarity of the “recording studio” they tried almost everything from recording drums in the largest room in the home, to recording vocals in an elevator shaft, which didn’t end up working out too well.

Chet Vincent and the Big Bend are now signed with Wild Kindness Records, a label that contains other local acts like Andre Costello and Host Skull, for the release of their newest record Unconventional Dog. For more information on what the band is up to, you can check out their website.


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