Chef Kevin Sousa Guest DJ


Chef Kevin Sousa plays Guest DJ and talks about his Superior Motors project in Braddock. 

Award winning Pittsburgh chef, Kevin Sousa, recently joined Cindy Howes of the Morning Mix in WYEP Studios to give listeners a taste of what he enjoys listening to while working in the kitchen. Sousa is the owner of local restaurants including Salt of the Earth, Union Pig and Chicken, Harvard & Highland, and Station Street. His most recent endeavor is a huge project, funded by Kickstarter, called Superior Motors.  Superior Motors will be a Community Restaurant and Farm Ecosystem located in Braddock, an area otherwise lacking in fresh and local food.

Sousa decided to play songs that he either loves, or what has been frequently played in previous kitchens from which he has worked.  His first choice this morning was “Almost Was Good Enough” by Songs: Ohia, front by the late Jason Molina, who also lead Magnolia Electric Company. This song is usually played early in his shift, while doing prep work and getting ready for the day.

Directly after, we heard Devo’s “Gates of Steel” which Kevin claims is widely accepted by everyone in the kitchen and is usually played during pre-service.

“New guys in the kitchen- they don’t touch the chefs' knifes and they don’t touch the radio…that’s a rule. From that mentality, there are only a certain amount of acceptable albums that everybody listens to.”

We continued into a song by Japandroids, a Canadian band, with the song “The Boys are Leaving Town” from of their first album Post Nothing. Sousa was introduced to this band by the younger cooks in the kitchen and describes them as a power pop/punk band whose music has become an anthem for Salt of the Earth.

The set with Kevin Sousa was finished with an old school hip-hop group, Gang Starr, whose appropriate music competes with Wu Tang Clan in the kitchen.

“I’ve won over a lot of young cooks that say they don’t like hip-hop with Gang Starr… If I had to describe kitchen music it’s heavy metal and hip-hop, and everything in between. “

To see what else Kevin Sousa is up to, you can check out his website or follow him on twitter @SousaPGH

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Chef Kevin's selections
1. Songs: Ohia "Almost Was Good Enough"
2. Devo "Gates of Steel"
3. Japandroids "The Boys are Leaving Town"
4. Gang Starr "Take It Personal"

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