Carl Newman of New Pornographers on The Morning Mix


Carl Newman front man for The New Pornographers sits down with Cindy Howes on the morning mix to discuss their new album Brill Bruisers.  When asked what keeps himself and his bandmates who have their own projects coming back to tour and work with The New pornographers Carl simply says it’s easy, “we’re friends…we actually look forward to seeing each other which is a rare thing in bands.

The name of the album Brill Bruisers is a nod to the Brill building in New York City that was a recording studio for many classic hits.  Carl ultimately says… “We have a lot of respect for those old song writers, I think we all do… but ultimately I just liked how Brill Bruisers sounded.

Carl describes Brill Bruisers as a celebration album. He says that this album was a great departure from some of his other work that felt which heavier and personal; Brill Bruisers is “let’s just make a cool rock and roll album…return to the way we sounded in the past but with a more stream lined different new elements.”

Cindy and Carl also discuss the ways in which the New Pornographers find who will be singing the tracks in a group that has many great voices, as well as the contributions his band mates make to the music. Brill Bruisers is available wherever music is sold.

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