Broken Fences Release New EP


Morgan Erina, of Broken Fences, joined Cindy Howes in studio to talk about Broken Fences’ upcoming EP, Stormy Clouds.

Morgan and Guy Russo, the other half of Broken Fences, were joined by Nathan Zoob and Jason Rafelak to record this album, each playing in the same room together at Jaybird Studios in Cranberry. “It’s surrounded by the forest. It was very organic and very Earthy. It didn’t feel like we were recording, we were just playing as a band,” Morgan said. “And that’s different from the first ablum, where everything was separate.” The whole EP was recorded in 4 days, and in matching the mood of the album, the recording process was relaxing.

Morgan told Cindy that the title track, “Stormy Clouds”, “is about being at home and waiting for your other half to come back, but you guys had a fight and you’re not sure he’ll come back. It’s just kind of about that lonely place where you’re not sure what’s happening in your relationship.”

Every week, Morgan goes to AcoustiCafe, the open mic at Club Café. She loves the people, calling them family. “It’s cool to see new people play, but really cool to see the new songs that the fixtures have written or want to perform. They’ve really become a second family, and it’s comforting.”

Cindy wanted to talk to Morgan about the Broken Fences Wine from the Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip District. The Winery is run by Tim Mulhern, and he gave the band a bottle of wine with their album cover as the label. The wine is a red zinfandel, although Morgan says they have a white one also. “We did a wine tasting, and we tasted all the wines they have, and this one kind of has a very smokey, woody feel to it. It’s kind of literal with the whole “Broken Fence” kind of thing, so I thought that was cool.”

Broken Fences will be premiering the music video for the song “Simplicity” from their first album at the release party for the new EP. Morgan didn’t want to give away too many details, but she says the meaning is “hope”. “In the beginning, people are depressed, and then they ‘follow the light’, in a way. I want this video to give people a sense of hope.”

The release party for Broken Fences’ new EP Stormy Clouds is Friday the 22nd at Club Café. Doors are at 6, and Morgan hopes everyone enjoys the show!

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