Brody Dolyniuk from The Music Of Led Zeppelin Guest DJ


Brody Dolyniuk will be playing the part of Robert Plant when The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra plays The Music Of Led Zeppelin.  Brody chose 3 of his favorite Zeppelin songs for a Guest DJ spot on The Morning Mix.

Brody Dolyniuk is a multi-faceted musican and self-taught musician who began his professional music career playing piano in bars.  Dolyniuk would conjure up an Elton John tribute, Yellow Brick Road.  After much sucess with YBR and expanding its catalog to include songs by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and many more, Dolyniuk stepped down from it.  Since then Dolyniuk has started producing and singing with touring symphony shows.

Choosing three favorite Led Zeppelin songs is a tough task for any fan.  In light of the Pittsburgh Symphony’s Orchestra’s “The Music of Led Zeppelin,” Brody Dolyniuk chose from three Led Zeppelin songs for his Guest DJ set.  The first song on Dolyniuk’s Guest DJ set is “Heartbreaker” off the album Led Zeppelin II.  “I just thought it was a go-to track.  I really think that it is the quintessential Zeppelin tune with all four guys sort of on fire. The opening riff to the drums pounding away, Jon Paul Jones’ bass line, and it just sums of Led Zeppelin for me.”

The second song on Bryan Dolyniuk’s Guest DJ set is “Going to California” off the album IV.  “I picked that one to show the contrast between Zeppelin’s bluesy hard rock style and to pull out sort of a folk ballad kind of song like that [Going to California]. It just shows the dexterity of the band and that a great song doesn’t need that much, just a couple of instruments and a great vocal.  “Going to California" has always been one of my personal favorites,” states Dolyniuk.

The his final song of his Guest DJ set, Brody Dolyniuk chose the track “Kashmir” off Led Zeppelin’s two disc album Physical Graffiti.  Dolyniuk comments on his final selection, “Kashmir,” "I think this song sort of just defies classification. It’s almost hard to believe the same band that did “Whole Lotta Love” and “Going to California” is doing “Kashmir.” [It] borrows from their Middle Eastern influence I guess. [There’s] another great swirling guitar riff by Page.  Of course Bonham laying down the floor beat.  What impresses me most I think is that Bonham has the discipline to know not when to play.  It’s just a shining example of Led Zeppelin’s finest.”

Joey and Brody finish his Guest DJ set with a discussion about Led Zeppelin’s music and both how and why it will translate to the symphony stage. “The songs are timeless they’re not going away anytime soon.  I what love to see most is that orchestra’s are embracing this new generation of classics.  It great to see our generation of music is being considered the new generation.  The songs are engrained in our minds and hearts now, to see it done in a new way I think is refreshing and it adds even more credibility to the music.  It really makes the music come alive” says Dolyniuk.

Here are Brody's picks:

Heartbreaker - from Led Zeppelin II
Going To California - from Led Zeppelin IV
Kashmir - from Physical Graffiti


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