Brian from Guster Guest DJ Set


Brian Rosenworcel, drummer for Guster, plays Guest DJ on the Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. In light of their stop in Pittsburgh on their latest tour we have brought in Brian to create a mix of songs featuring great drum parts.  Brian begins with the song “Patricia” by Perez Prado, he states “What I love about it is the way it’s mixed. The bold tambourine or a trumpet, everything has maximum impact and it’s really fun.” Brian goes with “Look Out Cleveland” by The Band for his second song which features the iconic drummer Levon Helm who is one of Brian’s biggest influences. “Every time I hear him play he’s probably one of my greatest inspirations. He had a lot of chops, he could play really great parts but chose to play simply. So when I play drums I do my best to channel Levon. The song “Look Out Cleveland” has a drum fill that’s almost melodic in the way it’s a hook, it’s a signature Levon moment.”  Brian’s next selection is Nick Drake’s “Cello Song.”  This song influenced the hand drumming that Brian became famous for.  “When I first heard this song it really had an impact on me because I just started to play conga and there’s this very pronounced “pop.” And I just decided I wanted to learn how to make that sound.” Brian’s forth selection is “Walk a Thin Line” by Fleetwood Mac. “This song in particular is pretty much what music and drugs were meant to do when they came together.  I find the drumming sparse and tripping over itself. It just works so well with the album and the music.”  For the final selection of his guest DJ set, Brian chose “No Matter What Sign You Are” by Diana Ross & The Supremes.  “The groove is so deep. The drum’s and percussion on the song make my five-year-old daughter want to dance.”  Check out the audio below.

  1. Perez Prado “Patricia”
  2. The Band “Look Out Cleveland”
  3. Nick Drake “Cello Song”
  4. Fleetwood Mac “Walk a Thin Line”
  5. Diana Ross & The Supremes “No Matter What Sign You Are”


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