Anders Osborne on the Morning Mix

Anders Osborne's latest album, Three Free Amigos, contains a large variety of musical styles with everything from rock to reggae.  The first single off the album, "Marmalade," is a perfect example of the musical variety on Three Free Amigos.  "Marmalade" is the only reggae track on the album.  Osborne discusses were his island influence comes from.  "I think it's a lot of the Toots and the Maytals and the Bob Marley influences that I had.  I think they've inspired me through the years. I listen to a lot of that stuff."

Osborne discusses the order of the album, which opens with the title track "Three Free Amigos."  "It ended up being the title track, we threw it up front and it had a nice flow.  Once you start pairing up songs, usually you shuffle them around a little bit and you feel what's most natural" says Osborne.

Osborne comments on how he wrote the record Three Free Amigos and the recording process.  "I wanted to create a record that sounded like my song demos. I play acoustic guitar first and sing, record that and add a couple of intstuments.  It's like sketching before you paint an oil painting.  You just kinda sketch it you don't go in with a full band and rock it out.  That's what I did for the whole record."

Although he was born in Sweden, Osborne has adopted New Orleans on his hometown.  After living the city for almost thirty years Osborne discusses the influence of the city on his music.  "It's inspiring, there's a lot of amazing players and creativity.  There's a rich culture, it not about playing a show, it's a way of life.  It's apart of the culture as an everyday thing.  So I think most people in New Orleans are a part of it, whether you're a musician or not."


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