45th Anniversary of Cream's Breakup


Joey Spehar of the Morning Mix stopped by Jerry's Records to talk with store owner, Jerry Weber.  On July 10, 1968 the English band Cream announced they were breaking up.  Joey and Jerry discuss the album Disraeli Gears and the Cream's legacy in music.

Jerry Weber recalls the first time he heard Cream.  "Man it kind of opened our ears and our everything, our minds.  We really never heard nothing like that before."  Jerry discusses the sound of Cream's iconic album Disraeli Gears and the imprint it left on him.  ""The song that killed us was the first song, "Tales of Brave Ulysses."  First of all what a great song. It was just the way it started and it grabbed us.  That was a tremendous album, that had also their biggest hit "Sunshine of Your Love" on it.  It had "Strange Brew" and "Take It Back," these are all classic songs.  That's why it's so in-demand, it's a solid album the whole way through and you can't say that about many records.""

Weber, who was a self-proclaimed Dylan-head at the time, explains the significance of the album Disraeli Gears. "I think Cream was as much of an innovator as Dylan, not the longevity or nothing.  When they [Cream] played music it was like something you've never heard before, no one was ever like them.  It wasn't just English people playing blues, it was something else."

Although it has been nearly 50 years since they disbanded, Cream's legacy still lives on.  Jerry Weber explains how Disraeli Gears sells out nearly right after it is sold to the store and the album's popularity today.  "They're great fidelity, they jump out at ya, when every comes in I always play it before I sell it.  They don't say long, they're in my best sellers section and they go out almost immediately.  There's a lot of people who read about Cream, kids, and peoples influences, so they're interested.  There's a lot of older guys that wore out their copy and want a new one.  Plus Disraeli Gears has one of the greatest covers in music history, if it's in a stack of records it'll grab ya."


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