Local 913 Live: Cold Weather

WYEP's local music happy hour is now the Local 913 Live. The chamber-folk-pop group Cold Weather performs.- All Is Night- Tough Love- JRT- Whispering Dome- SYITS- When Waking- Start Over- 13,000 Satellites- Pale Ignitions- I Will Suprise You- The Bottom (ft. Fun Home)- Last June (ft. Fun Home)- Functional (ft. Fun Home)

Local 913, Episode 7 - Cold Weather

Cold WeatherFormed in 2012, the chamber pop, indie folk band Cold Weather has a gentle touch that might just knock you right over with their delicate, yet intense new album When Waking. Produced by Jake Hanner of Donora, When Waking will please fans of Elliott Smith, Mazzy Star and Cat Power. Cold Weather is essentially the project of Mark Ramsey, whose soft vocals sounds so similar to Elliott Smith, you almost can’t even believe it. There are songs on the album that not only have Smith’s vocal tone, but also that emotional delivery that sounds like Ramsey’s not actually going to get the words out. Even though their band name suggests that members grew up in colder climates, everyone is actually from the south: drummer Alex Platz is from Georgia, bassist Sarah Lacy from North Carolina, Ramsey is also from North Carolina and Alabama. As a middle school/high school kid in Alabama before the internet, Mark Ramsey spent a lot of time writing letters to bands and indie labels. A few years ago, he came across some of that correspondence including a fan club newsletter signed by all three members of Nirvana. This came at a time when he had been unemployed for about 10 months and was searching for funds buy a keyboard. He put the newsletter up on eBay was then able to buy the keyboard he now plays with Cold Weather. Producer Jake Hanner, who has been the production master-mind of the indie-pop Donora, shows his versatility when working with Cold Weather, adding his magic touch here and there, but letting Ramsey and the rest of the band set the tone for this fantastic album. Of the song “All Is Night,” Ramsey says, “I'm pretty sure that every single instrument available in Jake Hanner's studio made it onto the recording of this song. In addition to vocal, guitars, piano, bass & drums there are multiple hammond organs, a pump organ, saxophone, glockenspiel, synths, toy piano, and many more that I can't remember”. Ramsey says he wanted the song to open the album because musically, it lays out the instrumentation for the rest of the record. Lyrically, the song is meant as an allegory that sets up some of the emotional themes of When Waking and kind of acts like a trailer for the album. For more information about Cold Weather, find them on Facebook. 

Local 913, Episode 6 - Balloon Ride Fantasy

Balloon Ride Fantasy Fans of The Human League, Thomas Dolby, Dead or Alive and other great new wave acts from the 1980’s, take note: Balloon Ride Fantasy has made your favorite record of the year. Formed in 2012, Balloon Ride Fantasy’s roots can be traced to the now-defunct Pittsburgh prog-rock band, Federali. Members Chris Olszewski and Phil Conley released the EP Monocle City under the name Balloon Ride Fantasy. They caught the attention of vocalist Bethany Berkstresser, former member of Rainstation Zero, who had been keeping tabs on the Federali guys for a while. They added Berkstresser to their lineup along with keyboardist Jordan Wood, bassist Brad Schneider of the Pittsburgh group The Incline, and drummer Brian Ganch. While Monocle City was a great mix of indie-rock and pop, their new self-titled LP is an all-out new wave affair, a glorious tribute to the music and pop-culture of the 80’s. Balloon Ride Fantasy takes their affection for the sound of the 80’s even further than their contemporaries like MGMT or Foster The People. They even do one of my favorite things, where they named a song after their band. That’s right! The last song on the new record is called “Balloon Ride Fantasy!” Lyrically inspired by certain films of the 80’s like “Legend,” “Gothic” and “Blade Runner,” Balloon Ride Fantasy is not afraid to explore themes of sci-fi and fantasy. The incredible part is that they pull it off. The new record is an enjoyable listen, even if the songs are about unicorns and magic spells. Or rather, is it especially enjoyable because the songs are about unicorns and magic spells? Depends on who you ask, I guess, but regardless, check out their new self-titled album. 

Local 913, Episode 4 - Wreck Loose

Wreck LooseIf you’ve not yet had the pleasure of listening to Pittsburgh’s Wreckloose, we’re very pleased to introduce you to the guitar and piano driven, classic-rock inspired outfit. Formed in 2013, Max Somerville, Dave Busch & Nathan Zoob have played together for years, most recently in the band Backstabbing Good People. Drummer Derek Krystek has known Somerville since freshmen year at the University of Pittsburgh. With that kind of history it’s no wonder the chemistry was immediate! Along with Backstabbing Good People, members of Wreckloose have performed with bands from the glam-pop band Dazzletine to the folk pop Mark Dignam and the House of Song. The eclectic nature of everyone’s musical backgrounds doesn’t seem to keep these guys from pushing all sorts of 1970’s California rock and roll nostalgia buttons. Even if you’ve never heard these songs, they are somehow instantly familiar. Frontman and pianist Max Somerville looks and sounds like he’s living in the wrong decade: guy sounds like a perfect mixture of Harry Nilsson and Elton John. Luckily for Wreckloose, they can carry this classic-rock torch strongly into the 21st century, along with modern acts like Dawes, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals and The Tedeschi Trucks Band. Another secret weapon these guys have is their solid harmonies layered perfectly under Somerville’s unconventional, yet appealing vocals, which also sound a bit like Ben Folds. Finally, you can’t discuss Wreckloose without making mention of Nathan Zoob’s flying guitar solos that would make Mark Knopfler green with envy. The band is currently working on their first full-length release. You can learn more about Wreckloose at their website: wrecklooseband.com.

Local 913 Live: Diamond Shapes

WYEP's local music happy hour is now the Local 913 Live. Folk pop duo Diamond Shapes performs.-Yellow Canoe-Wild Strawberries-River Man-Love, Love-Diamond Shapes-Juniper Bird-Sands of Love

Local 913, Episode 3 - Brightside

Brightside Brightside are one of those bands that have a knack for remembering the past and looking into the future at the same time.  Formed in Pittsburgh in 2010, Brightside released their first album a year later.  Brightside have crafted a poignant blend of emo and indie rock with smart lyrics and perfect pop hooks – think Modest Mouse on “The Moon and Antarctica” or your favorite Lemonheads CD. Brightside’s latest album, their third in all, Now & Loud, was produced and engineered by Jake Ewald of the Philly emo band Modern Baseball. While it may not show in Now and Loud’s careful production and spot-on pop sensibility, at it’s core Brightside is a DIY band. Even before joining the independent record label Broken World Media’s roster in 2012, Brightside has been making their own merch and doing things their own way. Guitarist Matt Vituccio admits, “the result isn't always spot on but that is part of the learning process.” Check out more information about Brightside at their Facebook. 

Local 913, Episode 2 - Arlo Aldo

Arlo AldoThis week, we’re highlighting the indie-folk group Arlo Aldo. After relocating from Baltimore, David Manchester started Arlo Aldo in 2011. Originally, Arlo Aldo served as Manchester’s side-project to his primary band, the Baltimore-based Kadman. The move to Pittsburgh marked the end of Kadman with Manchester shifting his focus to Arlo Aldo.  Inspired by the folk, blues and Americana tradition, Arlo Aldo bring something unique and modern with their sublime, calming sound thanks to Manchester’s vision and to the talented group of musicians in the lineup. Multi-instrumentalist, Ariel Neiland Forbes was the original second member, adding beautiful harmonies and the perfect light touch to the keys, bells and melodica. Pittsburgh music veteran Susanna Meyer, formally of Boca Chica, holds down the bassline and adds further to the perfect harmonies that compliment Manchester’s vocals. Also of note, Brandon Forbes on drums, who’s tasteful beat rounds out the band’s sound and brings the songs to life. Arlo Aldo has released one full length album: Zelie in 2013 and one EP: Spin The Twine in 2014. The band hopes to release their next full length album in late summer. In the meantime, we’ll get a song from their latest, which seems to take influence from bands like Low, Iron & Wine and also a strong influence from The Carter Family. Check out more information about Arlo Aldo at their website: arloaldo.com.

Third Thursdays at WYEP: David Wilson

David Wilson performs at WYEP's local music happy hour Third Thursdays on March 20th.- Pennsylvania Line.- Jefferson- I Miss Those Days- Oh My Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams)- Breaking Down- Be My Darlin'- Ghost- Don't Mess Around with Jim (Jim Croce)- All I Wanna Do- Railroad Man

Third Thursdays: LoFi Delphi

LoFi Delphi performs at WYEP's monthly local music happy hour on February 19, 2015.Set list- Birds- PVC- Fracture- Goodbye- Record- Boys Only- Tarzan Boy - Buck Monroe- Hey- Sass- Lonny- Only Time

Third Thursdays: Brightside

Brightside played WYEP's local music happy hour on January 15, 2015Setlist: JetpacksThe High PriestessCirca 2006Next I'll Be Deadly SeriousNext TimeTemperanceThe WorldStellarSpeculose

Third Thursdays at WYEP: Jim Mullet, Morgan Erina & Clinton Clegg

Jim Mullet, Morgan Erina and Clinton Clegg performed at WYEP's local music happy hour on November 20, 2014

Third Thursdays at WYEP: Don Strange & The Doosh Bears

Don Strange & The Doosh Bears performed at WYEP's local music happy hour on October 9, 2014.Set List: MiyagiImaginary FoeWolvesHold OnSpidermanLove Will Follow YouDictator!MillionaireDevilReject Pile

Third Thursday with Lucid Music

Lucid Music performed at WYEP's local music happy hour on September 19, 2014.Set List: 320 RemixCall of DutyKeep PedalingDeathChangesBringin It BackThe BreaksSo Amazing320 Remix

Third Thursday with Road Runner

Road Runner performed at WYEP's local music happy hour on August 21, 2014.Set List:FirestartersBlack CarsZombieOatmeal RacerFreight TrainHopePole DancersThe BiggerGhostsTwo Beds

Third Thursday with Essential Machine

Essential Machine performed at WYEP's local music happy hour on July 17, 2014.Set List: - Broken Record- Highway Daisy- Underneath- Road Trip- Examination- Ring- Away- Half Nelson- Pints- P+S- Les Squelettes

Third Thursday with The Nox Boys

The Nox Boys performed at WYEP's local music happy hour on June 19, 2014.Set List: Desperate GirlNoveltyMilitary SchoolTake My Heart and Break ItSusie LeeMrs. JacksonI Don't Care AnymoreRich PeopleMr. No OneO' KatrinaSave MeLouie LouieRumble

Third Thursday with Wreck Loose

Wreck Loose played "Third Thursdays," WYEP's local music happy hour, on May 22, 2014. 

Third Thursday with Kai Roberts

Kai Roberts in the WYEP Studios on April 17, 2014.

Third Thursdays at WYEP: The Natural Way of Farming

The Natural Way of Farming played WYEP's Third Thursdays on March 20th, 2014. Set List:YouGoodbye, Good LuckIn BetweenAirVideo GameLike A GhostHangmanTake Some Time

Third Thursdays at WYEP: Grand Piano

Grand Piano plays WYEP's Third Thursday on Febuary 20th, 2014.Setlist: -Potato Bug-Rain-Trainhound-Sun-Feb-Golden Boy-Trucks-Cali-Goin Country-WindDadfad-Daddylong Legs-Lady Bugs-Army Ants-Cruisin-Shaped-Starfish 

Third Thursdays at WYEP: Nightly Standard

Nightly Standard performs at Third Thursdays, WYEP's local music happy hour on January 16, 2014.Set List:SagaBye ByeOur DaysAll of YouOff the Beaten TrackNot Meant to BeHawaiiHold Them AboveSadNothin' to SayI Just Wanna Make Love to You

Third Thursdays at WYEP: The Red Western

The Red Western performs at Third Thursdays, WYEP's local music happy hour on November 21, 2013. Setlist:Family Song Behind the Wheel Everything reminds of you 16In your bedChange your mindLove for freeWhy aren't u lonelyFloodArrows Ohio Dreams. 

Third Thursdays at WYEP: Steven Foxbury

Steven Foxbury performs at WYEP's local music happy hour on October 17, 2013.Set list: Lock and KeySo HappyFake ProblemsWhat's Gold AgainHomeTiny Damaged LungsGoodbye NoteUntil She Finds MeRaised By WolvesSlow Collapse Roses Will Never Grow Here Carflips

Third Thursdays at WYEP: The Brushfire

The Brushfire perform at WYEP's local music happy hour on September 19, 2013.Set List:BFMMDFor Lil WhileYour Hands in MineThings He DoesRosesFor YouSwear It's TrueCliche 54Wake UpNot Letting GoUnder SkyCan't Always Get

Third Thursdays at WYEP: TWNSPPL

TWNSPPL perform at WYEP's local music happy hour on August 15, 2013.Set List:1) Love From Your Side2) Last King of the Wild3) Whatever Your Destination4) Still Young5) Your Dreams of Killing Me6) Off White Knight7) Love from Kansas8) The Gardener9) Buckets10) Cut Hair