A Discumentary is an in-depth exploration of an essential album from the WYEP music library. Whether focused on a classic release from the 1960s or important album from the past decade, Discumentary gives you a sense of its backstory, impact, and above all, music from that album. Hosted by Brian Siewiorek.

Discumentary: Adele "21"


Adele's smash sophomore release chronicles the aftermath of a break up. The emotions she expresses in her lyrics and performance are universally relatable, which could be why it is one of the best-selling albums of the 21st century.  

Discumentary: The Beatles "Rubber Soul"


Released in December 1965, "Rubber Soul" signified a change in approach for The Beatles.  The group wasn't making teen pop songs anymore, along with George Martin as producer, this album began to show the group's experimentation with folk-rock and other instrumentations.

Discumentary: Grant Lee Buffalo "Mighty Joe Moon"


Grant Lee Buffalo's 1994 album is their most successful. Anchored on the songwriting and singing of Grant Lee Phillips, the album was recorded after a year's worth of touring for their debut album.  It includes their most well-known song "Mockingbirds".

Discumentary: Calexico "Carried to Dust"


Calexico's 6th album loosely tells the story of an out of work writer travelling through the desert. For the effort Joey Burns and John Convertino brought back most of the band from their 2003 album, plus guest stars Sam Beam of Iron and Wine, Douglas McCombs from Tortoise and Pieta Brown.

Discumentary: The Breeders "Last Splash"


The Breeders second full-length album is considered to be among the best of the 90's.  Released in 1993,  during the height of the "Alternative Rock" phenomenon.  It sold one million copies in less than a year and includes the hit, "Cannonball".  

Discumentary: Nina Simone "Nina Simone in Concert"


Of the many live albums Nina Simone released, this one stands out as her greatest. Recorded over three nights at Carnegie Hall in 1964, it was the first time she put her feelings on the struggle for civil rights in her music. 

Discumentary: Muddy Waters "Hard Again"


The Blues legend's 1977 "comeback" album teamed him up with many Blues greats.  Produced by Johnny Winter, and winner of a Grammy Award, "Hard Again" captures 63 year-old Muddy Waters and his band in a raw, firey performance.

Discumentary: The Shins "Wincing the Night Away"


The Shins 3rd album was released in 2007, just a few years after Natalie Portman declared that The Shins "...will change your life" in the film "Garden State".

Discumentary: David Bowie "Heroes"


"Heroes" was David Bowie's second release of 1977, it was also the second installment of his collaborations with Brian Eno known as the "Berlin Trilogy". Recorded in a studio in West Berlin that overlooked The Wall, the album is influenced by German bands of the time like Kraftwerk and Neu!

Discumentary: Josh Ritter "Hello Starling"


When Josh Ritter's third album was released in 2003 he was still fairly unknown in the United States, yet the album debuted at #2 in Ireland. "Hello Starling" showcased Ritter's gift for songwriting and paved the way for his later success.


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