Audio Specials

Guest DJ with new Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation CEO, Terry O'Reilly

The newly appointed CEO of Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation (the parent company of WYEP and WESA), Terry O'Reilly plays guest DJ with Rosemary Welsch on July 1, 2016.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Dylan Gardner

On May 12th, 2015, Dylan Gardner opened for Emily Kinney in Pittsburgh. Following the show, Dylan stopped by to chat with Adam Kukic for a Coffeehouse Conversations. Dylan shares some amusing anecdotes, selects some great guest DJ picks, and discusses his debut album ADVENTURES IN REAL TIME.

Mad Libs Guest DJ

Annie Claffey plays and adjective-filled Guest DJ set with Joey Spehar.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Ellis Paul

Adam Kukic welcomes Ellis Paul as guest DJ for Coffeehouse Conversations. Ellis talks about songs from his album Chasing Beauty, as well as songs from Arlo Guthrie, Shawn Colvin, The Band, and Harry Chapin.

Guest DJ: Boy & Bear

Jon Hart from Boy & Bear joins Joey Spehar to play Guest DJ on The Saturday Mix.

WYEP Listener Roundtable: Joni Mitchell's Blue

For the 45th anniversary of Joni Mitchell's groundbreaking album Blue, WYEP held a Listeners' Roundtable to discuss the album, its legacy, and its songs.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Johanna Samuels (2016)

Johanna Samuels returns to Coffeehouse Conversations to discuss her new album Home & Dry: Told A Lie. She and Adam Kukic discuss her new release as well as artists that Johanna finds inspirational, including Bill Fay, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Jon Brion, and The Beatles.

Listeners' Roundtable on The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead

For the 30th anniversary of The Smiths' classic album The Queen Is Dead, WYEP convened a Listeners' Roundtable to discuss the album, its legacy, and its songs.

Bob Spehar Advice: Spending

Bob Spehar (Joey's dad) offers some fatherly advice for Father's Day. 


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