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Inside The Warhol's "Exposed" project

(Photo: Eleanor Friedberger in the "Exposed" rehearsals performing in front of an Edie Sedgwick color screen test)  In the late 60’s, Andy Warhol would frequently ask artists like the Velvet Underground to perform live as he projected his films. The practice nearly died with the artist but is being resurrected in Pittsburgh this week. Musicians will perform live scores on Friday for 15 Warhol films that experts are calling “unseen.” “Warhol shot a lot of film and he probably looked at it, put it away,” said the Curator of Film and Video for the Andy Warhol Museum, Geralyn Huxley. “Certainly they were never publicly screened that we know of.”   Even when Warhol did show his films in the 1960’s they were usually projected in small art houses with mostly invited guests. The effort is not unique in the 21st century.  In 2008, the Warhol Museum partnered with the husband and wife music duo, Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips to present a show titled, “13 Most Beautiful, Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests.”  The Warhol Museum’s Curator of Performing Arts, Ben Harrison spearheaded the project that was extremely successful, eventually touring nearly constantly for much of the last six years.   When the Museum decided to further the concept last year, Harrison reached out to Dean Wareham again, but this time to be music director of the new project. Wareham tapped four other musicians; Eleanor Friedberger formerly of the brother-sister duo The Fiery Furnaces, Bradford Cox of the groups Atlas Sound and Deerhunter, Tom Verlaine from the New York post-punk group Television, and Martin Rev from the early electronic band Suicide. “I like the idea very much it, interested me for sure,” Rev said.  “I expect it will be even more interesting once we start doing it.” Each musician was asked to score three of the 15 films chosen for the project.  Each artist has taken a different approach to the work. Friedberger will be one of two acts with a full band on stage. “I’m not an improvisational soloist, I knew who else had been asked, and I thought ‘Well how can I stand out a little bit from these guys,’ and I thought just doing some straight forward rock and roll songs would be the way to go,” Friedberger said.   The musicians have been in rehearsal this week and Harrison believes projects like these reflect the mission of the museum to inspire audiences and create an understanding of Warhol’s life and work.     “It allows us to reimagine and recontextualize Warhol’s work in ways that resonate in contemporary culture,” Harrison said. “Exposed: Music for Unseen Warhol Films” premieres Friday at the Carnegie Music Hall of Oakland. From here it moves on to Los Angeles and New York City.

Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense Turns 30

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Talking Heads' live concert film and album, Stop Making Sense, Mike Sauter shares some of it's best songs on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes.When looking back on The Talking Heads release of Stop Making Sense  album, Sauter notes that while the album was well received, it confused some critics, “why another live album? Because they had just put out another live album not even two years before, but of course it was attached to the movie directed by Jonathan Demme and it was such an amazing experience to witness that you had to have a live album to go along with it”. Because Stop Making sense was created so closely to Speaking in Tongues it featured largely songs from this album. Sauter’s first choice is “Burning Down the House” which showcases the greatest hit from Speaking in Tongues. The film Stop Making Sense is notable for its unique take on the concert film. It shows almost no audience reaction shots, there is no pyrotechnics, and almost nothing that person might expect to be in a typical rock and roll film as Sauter explains. “It’s almost entirely just focused on the band and there is a lot of absence of the usual rock star trickery or stage production, no explosions and no flashy things happening”. However the film is visually striking in a way the reflects The Talking Heads style, “it’s in a typical Talking heads low key style, there’s no colored lights they didn’t use any of the colored lights that are traditionally associated with rock concerts…but they use all different kinds of light, moving light, lights from below, lights from the sides”.  This unique staging was seen in Sauter’s second pick “Heaven” in which David Byrne is joined on stage for the first time during the show by Tina Weymouth.Sauter’s third pick to highlight the 30th anniversary of Stop Making Sense is the song “Girlfriend is Better” the lyrics of which contain the title to the live album and film. “Girlfriend is Better” is also noted for featuring the most memorable visual in Stop Making Sense, “the big suit” which David Byrne wears, “a lot of people were asking him about the big suit, why the big suit?...he actually wanted to have a smaller head which of course you can’t physically do but you can make the body bigger making the head look smaller”. Sauter notes that this really reflects the physicality of the film and The Talking Heads, “I’ve seen the movie twice in the theaters, in both instances I was amazed at how the entire theater audience would applaud after each song….people just have this energy when watching the film and it has got to come out somehow” 

Stray Birds on The Morning Mix

Maya De Vitry of Stray Birds talks about the band's new album Best Medicine with Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix. The Stray Birds came together through the music scene in Lancaster PA, when asked what it was that drew that band together De Vitry recalls the need she had for someone like band mate Oliver Craven. “When I met him he was a fiddle player first, who started to write songs play the guitar and other instruments second…he was really encouraging helping me arrange those songs back me up on guitar or mandolin and just be someone who was a couple steps ahead”. Oliver was previously in a band with Charlie Muench a former high school class mate of De Vitry and through the tight knit music scene in Lancaster the three forged their sound. Stray birds has been touring and the bond the band has developed over their tour has developed the trio as a group and defined how they recorded their new album, “there are certain things we crossed the threshold or got over the hump of within the band and those are all those simple things like telling someone you like this instead of that and being able to trust each other to record the album live… we started recording in different rooms and we realized that all the touring had honed our sound towards playing within a couple feet of each other”.The title track “Best Medicine” is influenced by Kurt a record store owner in Schenectady New York who left an impression on De Vitry who she says represents an archetype of the characters she always meets when visiting Schenectady. “Parts of the town are abandoned and parts of it are still bustling…it has this feeling of the passing of something like the biggest part of the story has passed…I was struck by the place and the people we always meet the most intense characters when we’re there, this guy Kurt has had some hard times in his life and is managing to keep this record shop open, being kind of staple for these characters”. Kurt was informed that the song was for him and De Vitry has been told that he is very happy about it. Best Medicine has several songs that tackle social issues; De Vitry cites an acute sense of frustration that motivates her writing on these subjects. “Being frustrated at certain policies, being frustrated at people being left behind…I try to get out of the bubble that is the four walls of the house I try to experience things and listen to people, I’m trying to raise questions but mostly just to communicate”. De Vitry says that while politics are not the only thing they write about, it is very important to them and they all try to stay educated and that that part of their lives makes it into their music.The Stray Birds album Best Medicine arrives on October 21st and on that same date they will be performing at Club Café in Pittsburgh.

The Hozier Hotline

We got a strange email saying that The Hozier Hotline was now open.  Here's what happened when we called the number.

John Entwistle Tribute Guest DJ Set

Pittsburgh musician Nathan Zoob plays Guest DJ with Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix on the 70th anniversary of John Entwistle's birth.John Entwistle has no lack of material to draw from as his influence as a bassist has a deep history, so Zoob begins with the song “My Generation” which he feels may have the most famous bass solo of all time and one that highlights Entwistle’s unique sound. Zoob remarks on just what to listen for in a song like “My Generation”, “he would turn the treble way up on his amps and he would turn the bass up on his amps and nothing else it was all volume and treble and bass, it was almost a guitar like sound but with this low rumble”. Zoob’s second choice “The Quiet One” shares its title with one of Entwistle’s many nick names. “He was known as the ox he was known as thunder fingers…but he was known as the quiet one which was in stark contrast to the rest of the band”. The nickname the quiet one was represented in how he was a calm presence on a stage full of rambunctious energy and the song was written as somewhat of an autobiographical song.Zoob’s third pick as guest DJ celebrating John Entwistle’s birthday is “Boris the Spider”. What became Jimi Hendrix’s favorite The Who song came from a jam session with a fellow bass player from the Rolling Stones, “he was hanging out with Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones and they were coming up with funny animal names and he came up with Boris the Spider and wrote this song in about six minutes”. “Boris the Spider” became one of The Who’s most famous songs and certainly one of Entwistle’s most famous works.  Nathan Zoob is currently working on new material and promises to let WYEP know when he has new music to share.Zoob's Guest DJ Set:The Who - My GenerationThe Who - The Quiet OneThe Who - Boris The Spider

Matthew Sweet 50th Birthday Tribute

To celebrate Matthew Sweet turning 50, Mike Sauter put together a Matthew Sweet oriented birthday set on The Morning Mix. Mike Sauter is WYEP’s resident Matthew Sweet fan and has a wealth of knowledge to share in celebration of Sweet’s 50th birthday. Looking back to the very beginning Sauter notes that Sweet is a veteran musician with many years recording and performing under his belt, “he has been doing this a lot longer than people realize”. While still in high school in Lincoln Nebraska Sweet was able to give a demo to Michael Stipe of R.E.M. while they were performing in Lincoln. Encouragement from Stipe led Sweet to seek the emerging music scene in Athens Georgia where he became a member of two bands that have a hint of sweets musical touch. Sauter plays a sample of the song “Christmas” by The Buzz of Delight, “you can totally hear what would eventually become the full flower of Matthew Sweets solo career”.  Despite minor success with a band and even working major record labels Sweets first two solo Albums in 1986 and 1989 were virtually ignored, “he had a really good shot of getting some attention for his work but it just didn’t quite work out, but then came his big breakthrough”.  Sweets third album Girlfriend features stunning guitar contribution from Richard Lloyd and Robert Quine, “it turned out to be hugely popular for Sweet and may well goes down as his masterpiece”, says Sauter, from that album he plays “I’ve Been Waiting”.Following Success from Girlfriend Sweet released four more albums though it appeared as though each received diminishing attention. In 2003 However Sweet began experimenting and forming songwriting sessions with Shawn Mullins and Pete Droge, which eventually became the group The Thorns, Sauter notes that while the album was great it did not reach mass appeal despite being compared to Crosby Stills and Nash. As a highlight of Thorns Sauter plays the song “I Set the World on Fire” from their one time album.  Following The Thorns Sweet released a few more solo Albums and other projects. Sweet has dedicated following and it seems he is enjoying the musical lifestyle says Sauter, “He’s following his muse and doing what interests him it seems like much more so in recent years”.  This led Sweet to a project with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles, the project is a series of cover Albums called Under the Covers under the moniker Cid and Susy, “I wanted something showcasing a different aspect of Matthew Sweets career” says Sauter as he plays the cover of “Alone again Or” from Under the Covers Vol.1.Matthew Sweet continues to tour and Mike Sauter notes that at his last visit to Pittsburgh Sweet told the audience that he is crowd funding a “serious new album”  that appears to be making a push to appeal to a wider audience.

Trey Anastasio 50th Birthday Tribute

Joey Spehar of The Morning Mix pays tribute to Trey Anastasio on his 50th birthday.  We also present an interview with Trey from 2002.When I was 16, I wanted nothing more than to be able to drive.  To have some freedom – a place of my own to blast my Rancid and NOFX CDs.  I signed up for Driver’s Education and I thought my journey would begin there.  It did.  It just wasn’t the journey I expected.As many stories of love, passion, and inspiration begin, so did mine, with a girl.  To be honest, I cannot even guess at what her name was now.  I can barely see her face in the back of my mind.  BUT, I can still see – as clear as an early autumn morning – what she doodled the back of her Driver’s Ed worksheet.  It was a standard issue peace sign, except it wasn’t.  There were letters on either side of the dividing line in the middle.  It spelled a word I didn’t really know much about.  It spelled PHISH.I wanted to get to know this girl and as a music fan I knew that one road into her heart would be paved with records.  I asked her to tell me about PHISH and she did.  Sort of.  She told me the names of the members – Trey, Mike, Page, and Fishman, but she said I needed to listen to them and then I’d know.  She said their new album was coming out the next day. The next day, I asked my mom to take me to Record Rama on the way home from class.  I grabbed a CD with what looked like an outhouse on the cover and I took it home and into my room.  As the first few notes of “Farmhouse” rang out, I liked what I heard.  By “Gotta Jiboo”, I thought, “Wow. This is a real rock n roll band.  As “First Tube” faded out, I became a convert.  Little Joey Punk Rock had an awakening.  I wanted more.  I needed to hear where it started.  Farmhouse was Phish’s 8th record, by the way.  I called my friend Phil and we searched.  I couldn’t find Junta so I grabbed A Picture Of Nectar.  I liked “Tweezer” a lot.  I didn’t know if it was the jokey lyrics or the funky guitar line or the fact that it was still going at 8 minutes.  (In the world of mid-nineties punk, that was 4 or 5 songs easy…)I picked up Hoist and Billy Breathes next.  I played “Wolfman’s Brother” for my brother.  We still enjoy that song together.  I asked my guitar teacher to help me figure out the chords to “Waste”.  He did.  And he praised me for listening to something by someone who obviously knows how to use a guitar.I finally got my hands on a copy of Junta and I couldn’t wait to dig in.  It was off to good start.  I like the laid back story telling of “Fee”.  I liked the characters.  And did he just say nipple?  Yeah, this is good.  And then the next song came on.  And it kept going.  And building.  And building and... Wait for it.  Here it comes.  Not yet.  Wait.  YES!!  Whatever kind of music you call your own, whatever scene you’re part of, how can you hear that for the first (or the one hundred and first) time and not feel pure joy?  You can feel the passion and creativity and ambition of these guys pouring out of your speakers.As a punk kid, it was kind of my job to hate hippies.  That’s just the way it was for middle class kids who attended high school where and when I did.  I think that Kurt Cobain had a lot to do with why I thought that way, too.  I decided then and there that I was a music lover.  Not part of just one scene.  Not trying to be cooler than you.  Not letting others be in charge of what I enjoyed. I was only lucky enough to see PHISH live one time.  July of 2003.  I think we still called it Star Lake back then.  It was an historic show for the band.  They (and when I say they I mean whoever updates and any other setlist sites). They say it was a pretty impressive show and the boys looked refreshed and almost possessed that night.  I didn’t know all of that at the time.  I just saw the look on Trey’s face when he was deep in soaring solo.  I saw the band crack each other up as Fishman stepped up for his Electrolux solo.  I could feel pure joy in music.Or maybe it was just that girl.  Driver’s Ed was long gone.  I never did get her number.  If I ever saw her again, I’d have no idea.  I can be sure of one thing.  She came into my life at a time when I didn’t know I needed her and left quite the lasting impression. Thanks, Trey.  Happy 50th. 

Book Of Mormon Guest DJ

Jake Emmerling has found himself living all over the country since leaving Pittsburgh in pursuit of performing and especially now that he is touring with The Book of Mormon he finds that home is wherever the show is playing. This is reflected in his first pick as guest DJ “Home” by Ingrid Michaelson. Emmerling says that Ingrid Michaelson is one artist that has really become one of his favorite artists, “she is such a great new indie pseudo pop style and it’s so infectious and great to listen to…she still writes her own music and I think that’s something that is lost these days". Emmerling’s second pick is another song that reminds him of his own past and home in the city of Pittsburgh, “Bruised” by Jacks Mannequin. The album Everything in Transit featuring “Bruised” was released while Emmerling was still in high school and was a track he often listened to during his frequent long drives into downtown, “it’s something that kind of centers me and brings me somewhere comfortable when I am in a hotel room across the country”. For his third pick as guest DJ Emmerling goes to another of his current favorite artists Florence and the Machine, the song “Bedroom Hymns” while not one of Florence and the Machine’s commercial hits is a great example of the indie sound that Emmerling finds appealing.Joey also asks Emmerling about his current work on the hit musical The Book of Mormon. Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creative minds behind the television show South Park, one might expect the stage production to be purely a comedic work but Emmerling suggests that there is more to it than laughs, “it’s something that they just use as a doorway to look at religion in general, I think it’s surprising how much more pro-faith based it is…the message at the end is a great message”. Emmerling also reveals the team that helped him choose his songs for this guest DJ session, his mother and father who has been a WYEP member since the early 80’s, “I grew up listening to WYEP, it’s always been in the background”.The Book of Mormon is currently showing in Pittsburgh and more information can be found at

Bruce Springsteen 65th Birthday Set with Scott Mervis

In honor of The Boss' 65th birthday, Scott Mervis (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) shares some Bruce Springsteen songs with Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix. When Mervis was asked to be on The Morning Mix to celebrate Springsteen’s 65th birthday, he immediately searched for the closest thing The Boss has to a birthday song in his catalogue. While Springsteen never quite took on writing his own version of “Happy Birthday”, “Growin Up” is a timeless song about coming of age from early in his career. Mervis notes how this song really exemplifies the early sound Springsteen established, “There was that Dylan and beat poet, Alan Ginsberg those academic influences on him, but he was also like this bar rocker, sort of a mid-west ascetic, and I think that’s what you see early in his career and in this song you hear this surreal poetry that he picked up from those guys”. For Mervis’ second Springsteen song he thinks back to his own personal experience of seeing his first Springsteen show in 1978 at the Stanley Theater. Mervis recalls being in awe of Springsteen’s emotion fueled performance of “Something in the Night” from the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour, “I can still see him… all the lights were turned down and he did these screams at the end and I thought this guy is unreal. It was amazing. It’s one of my favorite tracks on that album”.For his 3rd pick, Mervis goes to what is one of the most highly regarded albums in Springsteen’s catalogue, Nebraska, with the song “Johnny 99”. Nebraska holds reverence as one of the great Springsteen albums but it also is noted for being the first time Springsteen became particularly political in his music. Mervis explains how it was in Pittsburgh that Springsteen took a political stand with “Johnny 99”, “Ronald Reagan had just quoted Springsteen and "Born in the U.S.A.". Springsteen had heard about it and he said ‘I don’t think Ronald Reagan heard this song’…on the stage at The Civic Arena”. Mervis also points out how "Johnny 99" was so poignant in 1984 Pittsburgh, “he saw what was happening with manufacturing and Pittsburgh and the steel mills closing…"Johnny 99" was about this disenfranchised American worker”.Mervis also discusses Springsteen’s current career as a musician, “If I were to do my power rankings of rockers who are of social security age and can still pull it off, I think Springsteen would be number one…he is still playing these long 3 hours shows”.  It’s noted how Springsteen can still be seen stage diving and pushing his performances to the limit even now that he is celebrating his 65th birthday.Mervis' Springsteen picks:1. "Growin' Up"2. "Something In The Night"3. "Johnny 99"

Chuck Prophet on The Morning Mix

Chuck Prophet joins Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix to discuss his new album, Night Surfer.  Chuck’s vision for the album was to question what the world might be 20 to 30 years from now, which he attempted to answer by observing the state of his home San Francisco (aka Startup City, USA). “At some point I tapped into this dystopian thing, looking around at life in Startup City, USA has changed a lot in the last few years”. Prophet observes that even when there seems to be economic prosperity it does not necessarily equate to a bright future, “Even in my neighborhood there has been an influx of money which is great on some levels but on other levels people have a lot tied up into their condos here and they don’t like to see the fringe element. Any day I half expect to get rounded up and chased out of town”. Prophet also notes that he loves his home, “I’m still the type of person that loves his $13 sandwich and overpriced cappuccino”.On Night Surfer, Prophet got the opportunity to work with Peter Buck of R.E.M. Prophet has been a fan of R.E.M. for a very long time and has always seen them as an influence and a band that has paved the way for others, “I always admired them, they respected each other, knew how to compromise, every challenge that came along they figured out how to do it. They led the charge for so many great bands”.  As for Peter Buck himself, Prophet says that as a guitar player it doesn’t seem like he is doing much but his contributions are indispensable, “he always adds something to the song that is hard to take out, he is just an intuitive hook machine”. Cindy moves on to ask Prophet about the first song on the album “Countrified Inner City Technological Man” and what exactly that means. To which Prophet can only say that he simply does not know, “it’s a little like be bop a loo ba she’s my baby, I don’t really know… It was fun enough for me to keep messing around with until it became a song”.Prophet also discusses his unique voice and how he uses it with his writing, “I’ve never been a singer… I think I can deliver a song and I think I can get into the head of a character” he goes on to say that despite his love of music he often prefers unique voices, “I like singers that don’t sound like singers, I don’t like to be sung at…I like to hear people talk the way they talk”.The album Night Surfer is out 9/23/2014 , Chuck Prophet performs at Club Café November 15th.

Mike Doughty on The Morning Mix

Morning Mix host, Cindy Howes, is joined by former Soul Coughing frontman, Mike Doughty to talk about his new album Stellar Motel.  It is obvious on this new album that Doughty is not afraid to explore many musical ideas, featuring many rap artists and guest appearances, Mike explains his changing perspective, “This album was all about Collaborating with [producer] Good Goose, who I did work with on the last one, the making of it was all between me and him”. DJ Good Goose is known for being a rap producer and Mike explains that through him he met many rappers, a resource that was taken advantage of as many of the tracks heavily feature various rap artists, “I was just doing whatever I could to work with great artists and enjoy their company”. Doughty's love of rap and country has been evident through his career and the blending of these two genres can be seen on Stellar Motel. “My dad was from Louisiana, and he played a lot of Hank Williams in the car, it took me a long time to appreciate it but it just got set into my bones at some point…the longer I write songs the farther I go into country music”.Mike is performing in Pittsburgh November 24th and Stellar Motel is out 9/16/2014.

Moby Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

Moby guest DJs on the Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. Moby's first choice as guest DJ is Kris Kristofferson's “Me and Bobby McGee”. Moby explains that his picks today are not reflective of the music he performs, but the music he grew up loving, “My mom was a hippie. I grew up hearing a lot of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Janis Joplin and Carole King. It’s the music that I loved when I was young.” Moby says this song has a special place in his heart, “it's a beautiful, warm romantic song, I think it has the arguably the most romantic line ever written in a song”. Moby actually got the opportunity to join Kristofferson on stage and asked him if they could perform “Me and Bobby McGee” “I thought he would shut it down and says that’s Janis' song, but instead he happily agreed to play it with me." Moby’s second pick as Guest DJ is James Blake performing Joni Mitchell's “A Case of You”. “Somehow [Blake] segued from pure experimental electronic music into almost more into this new strange genre of singer-songwriter/electronic music.” Moby finds himself enamored with Blake’s vocals “His voice is so beautiful and so emotive, everything he sings just immediately sounds heart breaking”. It has been noted that Moby would like to collaborate with Blake and, in fact, tried to with his album Innocence but it simply did not work out.For his third and final guest DJ pick Moby chose “Heroes” by David Bowie. “I think "Heroes" is possibly the most perfect song ever written”. Moby reflects a time when he was going on tour with Bowie and he was joined by the musician in his apartment. “I said why don’t we do an acoustic version of "Heroes"?... And there was just the two of us… in my apartment on a Saturday morning playing an acoustic version of "Heroes".”Moby performs Sunday at the Thrival Festival, a day that is being dedicated entirely to electronic music, an idea that was actually his design.  “I choose what festivals I attend by the intention of the organizers, there are a lot of sleazy electronic festivals and I try to avoid them…when I saw the artists for Sunday and Saturday I could tell that the organizers were not just trying to make a buck and actually were really thinking about the artists they were playing, and that made me excited to get involved”.Moby’s Guest DJ Set list:Kris Kristofferson – “Me and Bobby McGee”James Blake – “A Case of You”David Bowie – “Heroes”

Portugal. The Man Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

Host of the Morning Mix Cindy Howes sits down with Zack Carothers the founding member of Portugal. The Man for this guest DJ session. Zacks first song Nirvanas “In Bloom” is what he describes as what started his playing of rock and roll. Zack says that he was always into music, “My parents had a really great record collection it was Floyd, Zeppelin, the Beatles” however Nirvana was the first Band he found all on his own through MTV, “Nobody told me to listen to them I just found them I loved it I connected with it…still on of the most influential artists for us”.For His second song Zack departs slightly from the Rock of Nirvana to “Intergalactic” one of the most iconic songs from The Beastie Boys, another song zack found in his early days discovering music in his home state of Alaska. Zack describes Beastie Boys as another example of “the reason we play music”. Zack also regales in his more recent experience of actually getting to work with Beastie Boy member Mike D on what may be a future project, "We met him, we just started talking about music and we get along very well and have been making crazy amounts of music and it has been very fun and very inspiring". when asked if this work would lead to a new album zack states simply..."We think so, we have no idea what it is actually for but we are just making music and we will figure out what its for when we are done."Zacks third and final choice as guest as guest DJ is “Shark attack” by Grouplove, the band Portugal. The Man has been touring with. “It’s been absolutely insane…our crews love each other, we are definitely drinking too much but we are having a lot of fun”.Zach's song picks:1. Nirvana - "In Bloom"2. Beastie Boys - "Intergalactic"3. Grouplove - "Shark Attack"

Jim Eno of Spoon Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

 Spoon drummer, Jim Eno, plays guest DJ on the Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. Spoon has just released “They want my Soul” in August and will be preforming in Pittsburgh this Thursday the 11th of September 2014 at the Carnegie Library of Homestead. For this guest DJ session Jim brought several of his current favorite picks.Jim starts with “Turn it Up” by London based band Factory Floor. Jim’s band mate Rob Pope originally turned Jim onto Factory Floor, a three piece band that has a very dance oriented focus, Jim describes Factory Floor as “ridiculous live”. For his second pick, Jim reaches to the 70's and chooses a Nigerian pop pseudo reggae artist, William Onyeabar, and his song “When the Going Gets Good and Smooth” . Jim has found himself really drawn to the somewhat dance oriented reggae feel to the song.  Third and lastly Jim chooses “Uncertainty” by Jagwar Ma, another three piece band originally from Australia. Jim had gotten to chance to work with Jagwar Ma and would describe their sound as… “cross of modern pop, 808 drum machines, and hip hop beats”.Jim and Cindy also discuss some of Jims other work recording and producing numerous bands in his own studio, often exclusively for Spotify. Jim Eno's song picks:1. Factory Floor - "Turn It Up"2. William Onyeabor - "When The Going Gets Good and Smooth"3. Jagwar Ma - "Uncertainty"

Party at the Pier Guest DJ with Stephan Bontrager

Cindy Howes sits down with  Stephen Bontrager for today’s guest DJ session, Stephen is the Communication Director for Riverlife, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and restoring Pittsburgh’s beautiful river fronts, creating an interconnected system of parks and recreational hubs for the denizens of Pittsburgh and guests in our great city. Riverlife is celebrating its 15th anniversary in a big way on Friday the 5th of September with a Party at the Pier, with a Gold and Glam theme.The party will be gushing gold and glam and that includes the fashion, the food, and even the music. To start Stephens first picks the song “Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys; rocks right along to the theme and is certain to make any partygoer move. Stephen then chooses “Band of Gold” by Freda payne, despite being the “happiest breakup song” its upbeat rhythm and Freda’s own high-flown vocals fits perfectly with the gold and glam theme. Veering away slightly from the theme of gold, Stephens third pick is aimed more towards rivers which is of course the very reason and name sake of riverlife. “I Follow Rivers” performed by Lykke Li.“This party gets bigger every year and it’s great to see that community of support” says Stephen. The partiey is tonight Friday the 5th of September and includes boat rides refreshments and live music. More information can be found at and under community connections.

Bobby Spehar Teacher Guest DJ

Joey Spehar took the opportunity to sit down with his very own brother, Bob, for a Guest DJ session.Bobby teaches English at Sto-Rox High School as well as at Robert Morris University.  Bobby begins his session with a track that hits very close to home for him as an educator. “Children's Potential” by Tony Duggins, is a long a capella piece that begs the listener to really consider the ways in which educational programs becomes funded and just how imbalanced and unfair it often appears to be. Bobby suggests while listening to the song to, “contemplate what we as a society value and maybe how we can better serve our citizens in most need” citing the songs themes of education “who better to help than children?” Bob's second song “Popular” by Nada Surf is one that Joey and Bobby both recall listening to as they were entering the world of high school and Bobby feels that he can make a parallel between “Popular” and Kanye West's “The New Workout Plan”  pointing out the “pseudo-ironic advice” as a satire that he loves to instill in his own students. As an english teacher any song that is influenced by a classic work of literature is likely to turn his ear. “Afternoons and Coffeespoons” by Crash Test Dummies (influenced by T.S. Elliot's poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"), is a much more light hearted take on what Bobby describes as “not a very happy poem” but he admires the way the song juxtaposes the unhappy themes with a up-tempo attitude, saying  “if we spend all of our time worrying then we’re not really living” something that he feels good teachers need to recognize and pass onto their students.  The Song “Satellite Radio” by Steve Earle might, at face value, seem to be more relevant to WYEP’s own Spehar Brother, but Bobby would cite the songs opening lines which describe the many trials of waking up in the morning and having to do one’s job, as a great description of his daily routine as an educator, “sometimes your tired, sometimes your throat hurts…but at the end of the day you have to put on your radio show, and I have to teach my class, and we both have to make things happen”Bobby’s final pick “Hurricane Season” by Trombone Shorty to him personifies his passion of school when it is really good. Bobby says “If a song can do that if a song can show that if a song can breathe that out of its self then this is that song”. Bobby Spehar’s Guest DJ Setlist:Nada Surf – PopularCrash Test Dummies – Afternoons & CoffeespoonsSteve Earle – Satellite RadioTrombone Shorty – Hurricane SeasonT. Duggins - Children's Potential

John Doe (X) Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

In this Guest DJ session Cindy Howes sat down with a member of the seminal punk band X, John Doe. John’s first selection is from a man he first saw at a festival while communing with nature in the dirt and the woods, which he felt “enhanced the experience” of listening to “Your Love will Blow Me Away when my Heart Aches” by Son Little. John Doe’s second pick is “Cradle your Device” by Tom Brosseau. When asked what he likes about this song he says “Tom is from another time as we both know…I love that he is writing about someone who is not paying attention to him…because they are to wrapped up in their damn phone, and he still makes it sound like it’s from another time”. He goes on to say how much he loves Tom Brosseau sense of humor.Johns third and final pick is “Ragetime” by Neko Case, a song he describes as what could have been the “Cross over hit of 2013…it’s like someone told her to go write a tom petty song”.  It’s a song he describes as powerful song that may have been intimidating to main stream music sources but deserves nothing but praise.Cindy and John go on to talk over what types of shows can be expected from his live shows with his band X and the new things they have trying on their tour.John Doe's song picks:1. Son Little - "Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches"2. Tom Brosseau - "Cradle Your Device"3. Neko Case - "Ragtime"

Carl Newman of New Pornographers on The Morning Mix

Carl Newman front man for The New Pornographers sits down with Cindy Howes on the morning mix to discuss their new album Brill Bruisers.  When asked what keeps himself and his bandmates who have their own projects coming back to tour and work with The New pornographers Carl simply says it’s easy, “we’re friends…we actually look forward to seeing each other which is a rare thing in bands.The name of the album Brill Bruisers is a nod to the Brill building in New York City that was a recording studio for many classic hits.  Carl ultimately says… “We have a lot of respect for those old song writers, I think we all do… but ultimately I just liked how Brill Bruisers sounded.Carl describes Brill Bruisers as a celebration album. He says that this album was a great departure from some of his other work that felt which heavier and personal; Brill Bruisers is “let’s just make a cool rock and roll album…return to the way we sounded in the past but with a more stream lined different new elements.”Cindy and Carl also discuss the ways in which the New Pornographers find who will be singing the tracks in a group that has many great voices, as well as the contributions his band mates make to the music. Brill Bruisers is available wherever music is sold.

Tom Brosseau on The Morning Mix

Cindy connects with Tom Brosseau while he is in his home state of North Dakota. While Brosseau has been living and performing in Los Angeles for more than 11 years there is something about North Dakota that always brings Brosseau back, “Physically I guess I just feel so much a part of the fabric there every fiber of my body is North Dakotan, I know that even though I enjoy going to other places I’ll probably return to North Dakota when I am old and gray”.For Grass punks Brosseau recorded with Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek, a project where he not only made a colleague but also a great friend, “it wasn’t until 2011 or so that Sean and I started hanging out and playing, and as a result this record came together and it was a lot of fun because I knew him but through this process of making a record together we became good things” he also points out how Watkins added a welcome element to his music, “what he brought to my record was kind of everything that my songs needed, I write very minimalisticly and Sean just has a knack for filling in the blanks”.  Brosseau has also been playing and working with actor John C. Reilly who he connected with at a show, “he happened to be in the audience at the time…he said if you ever want to sing together just for the love of singing and playing I’m a huge Everly Brothers fan, so we have this foundation that we connected on”. John C. Reilly and Friends is Reilly’s band that features Brosseau. The group focuses on preserving old time folk tunes, a genre of music that is a long time passion of Brosseau, “I think it needs to be carried on…this is what a lot of my family did for fun and I’m honoring that and I hope that other people will continue to do that, it is such a great thing we have these American folk songs”.Brosseau discusses his unique guitar style and those who have influenced him. Many of his big influences include Maybelle Carter, Elizabeth Cotton, and Etta Baker. Tom has a particular love for artists of the 80’s and was taught Guitar by his Grandmother an act that help set him on his musical path, “I appreciated having a family member sit down and spend time with me that way”Tom Brosseau’s newest album Grass Punks is now available.

WYEP Celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Woodstock

The Woodstock Festival was one of the watershed events of not only the counter-culture revolution of the 1960s and 1970s but in all of rock history. The audience of hundreds of thousands made Woodstock as memorable as the music from some of the most iconic bands of rock and folk of the day. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of this event, WYEP produced these short features to share facts, dispel myths, and play music performed at the original festival, chock full with audio clips from and related to the festival.1) topics: Sweetwater/Richie Havens; featured song: Richie Havens, 'Freedom'2) topics: Bert Sommer/Arlo Guthrie; featured song: Arlo Guthrie, 'Every Hand In The Land'3) topics: Quill/The Who; featured song: The Who, 'Pinball Wizard'4) topics: Melanie/The Band; featured song: The Band, 'Ain't No More Cane'5) topics: Ravi Shankar/Joan Baez; featured song: Joan Baez, 'Drug Store Truck Drivin Man'6) topics: programming between bands/Jefferson Airplane; featured song: Jefferson Airplane, 'Volunteers'7) topics: Sunday rainstorms/Joe Cocker; featured song: Joe Cocker, 'With a Little Help From My Friends'8) topics: Grateful Dead/Sha Na Na; featured song: Sha-Na-Na, 'At the Hop'9) topics: Mountain/Canned Heat; featured song: Canned Heat, 'Going Up The Country'10) topics: Keef Hartley Band/Creedence Clearwater Revival; featured song: CCR, 'I Put a Spell on You'11) topics: The Incredible String Band/John Sebastian; featured song: John Sebastian, 'Rainbows All Over Your Blues'12) topics: backstory to Woodstock/Sly and the Family Stone; featured song: Sly and the Family Stone, 'Everyday People'13) topics: acid/Country Joe and the Fish; featured song: Country Joe & the Fish, 'Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-to-Die-Rag'14) topics: traffic problems/Santana; featured song: Santana, 'Evil Ways'15) topics: artists who DIDN'T play Woodstock/Janis Joplin with The Kozmic Blues Band; featured song: Janis Joplin, 'Piece of My Heart'16) topics: Tim Hardin/Blood, Sweat & Tears; featured song: Blood, Sweat & Tears, 'You've Made Me So Very Happy'17) topics: stage announcements/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; featured song: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 'Marrakesh Express'18) topics: food stands & ferris wheel/Paul Butterfield Blues Band; featured song: Paul Butterfield Blues Band, 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright'19) topics: Max Yasgur/Jimi Hendrix; featured song: Jimi Hendrix, 'Red House'20) topics: stages at the festival/Ten Years After; featured song: Ten Years After, 'I'm Going Home'21) topics: audience recordings/Johnny Winter; featured song: Johnny Winter, 'Leland Mississippi Blues' 

Roadkill Ghost Choir on The Morning Mix

Andrew Shepard of Roadkill Ghost Choir talks to Cindy Howes about the band's debut In Tongues on The Morning Mix.  Roadkill Ghost Choir is a family affair and features three Shepard brothers including our guest Andrew. Shepard says that this was not always the plan but it has been working well for him, “when I first started the band I didn’t really have them in mind to be in it, it was a one off show…I brought them along to play that first show but then it rolled into a whole band thing”.  While it was never originally part of the plan Shepard claims that working with his brothers offers some unique advantages, “the dynamic is completely different when you’re playing in a band with your brothers me and my brothers can yell at each other and someone can say ‘hey man that’s a terrible part’ and no one really gets their feelings hurt because we have been doing it our whole lives, so it’s just easier”.  Roadkill Ghost Choirs album In Tongues often deals with rather dark themes but often sounds rather up beat and happy, Shepard says this duality often comes naturally, “I don’t want to make a record that is just pure bleakness you know? That can be a burden, I don’t think it’s something we try to do it just sort of happens I guess”. “A Blow to the Head” is a long song on In Tongues that proves to be a creepy epic that ultimately dealt with Shepard finding the bands identity, “I was confused about where the band was going and what people expected from us as a band, we have been compared to a lot of bands I don’t really think we are peers with…I wrote that song to let everybody know that we can’t really be compared to those bands”.  The band started in the small town of DeLand Florida which Shepard says is a beautiful place but ultimately did not provide the musical outlet that the band needs to grow, “musically I don’t think we were ever influenced by it… it did give us a lot of down time to develop our sound and the music we listen to so that was helpful”. The band has since moved to Athens Georgia, “we just love this town, there is a lot of good music and a lot of good bars, and it’s a very creative place to be”.Roadkill Ghost Choir’s new album In Tongues is now available.

Scott Miller Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

Cindy Howes is joined by recording artist Scott Miller for this guest DJ session, Scott Miller came onto the music scene in the early 90’s in Tennessee. For his first pick as guest DJ is “9,999,999 Tears” by Bruce Robinson and Kelly Willis. He had recently played with Bruce in Colorado…”I had not forgotten but I needed to be reminded of what an awesome song writer that guy is and that song is just like wow this is awesome”.Scott Miller’s second choice as guest DJ is “Patchwork River by Jim Lauderdale. Scott chose this song not only because he had been listening to it frequently of late but also because he personally owns and operates a 200 acre cattle farm and “patchwork River” resonates with him the fact the he wears many hats in his life, care taker for his parents, worker on his farm, musician and performer.Third and final choice from Scott as Guest DJ is “Tennessee Waltz” by Pee Wee King. “in my opinion the best song ever written… it’s all subjective but I like songs that tell a story, go from point a to point b and invoke an emotion and  this is the king of it”.Cindy and Scott discuss Scotts immediate musical future and when a new record might be expected, “It’s time for a new one” Scott says between all of his other work he does find time to escape and work on his music as much as he can.1. 9,999,999 Tears - Bruce Robinson and Kelly Willis2. Patchwork River - Jim Lauderdale 3. Tennessee Waltz - Pee Wee King 

Jonny Lang Guest DJ on The Morning Mix

Jonny Lang plays guest DJ with Cindy Howes and shares some of his favorite blues songs. For his guest DJ set, Lang picks some of his favorite blues songs that he feels are a great introduction to the blues genre.  For his first song Lang picks Albert Kings “Blues Power”. “Blues Power” is from a live recording that Lang feels has a fantastic guitar sound, “maybe the best recorded guitar tone of all time…it’s a pretty amazing sounding recording”. Lang's second pick is “Honey Hush” by Albert Collins.  Lang feels that Albert Collins is likely his favorite guitar player, “if there is anybody that I have tried to emulate on guitar it’s him, something about his style and the way he attacks the guitar is unique”.For his final selection guest DJ, Jonny Lang picks “Hellhound on my Trail” by Robert Johnson. “You hate to give a rundown of blues songs without putting Robert Johnson in there” states Lang. He feels that it is both a great piece of music and American history, “even though we have so little from him as far as recordings, this is one of my favorites”.Jonny Lang's latest album is Fight For My Soul.Jonny Lang's song picks:1. Albert King - Blues Power (Live)2. Albert Collins - Honey Hush3. Robert Johnson - Hellhound on My Trail

Sam Herring of Future Islands Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

Sam Herring, frontman for Future Islands, Guest DJs on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. Future Islands released their latest album Singles earlier this year.Herring first chooses “Reason to Believe” by the “amazingly haunting” Karen Dalton, a song that, he says, is her way of begging someone for reason to believe in them but also saying “I want to believe in you.” Herring says he’s found her three LPs, and they really bring him peace.Out of Chicago, the dreamy hip-hop artist Serengeti, has caught Herring’s ear for the past few months. “’Kenny and Jueles’ came off an LP put out last year called the Kenny Dennis LP which is Serengeti performing in this character called Kenny Dennis,” he says. “He’s singing about the time he was on American Gladiator in the early 90s, and he beat Nitro and Powerball, and he had the chance to become a gladiator, but he didn’t want to be away from his love because he loved her so much.” It’s so funny but so real, he says, and the way he paints the character Kenny Dennis is the same way.Appearing on Letterman a few months ago, performing the song “Seasons (Waiting On You,” Herring and Future Islands made quite a stage presence that caught the eyes of many, but as far what’s going through his mind onstage, Herring is “trying to be aware of the audience.” “I think that performance would have been a bit different had there not been an audience in the room,” he says. “I think as long as you’re connecting with your audience, for me, that’s what music is all about.”Sam Herring’s Guest DJ Setlist:Karen Dalton – “Reason to Believe”Serengeti – “Kenny and Jueles”Future Islands – “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

New Local Music Guest DJ set from HughShows

Local music photographer and a staple in the local music scene Hugh Tyman (aka Hughshows) shares some of his favorite new local songs with Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix.Howes cites Tyman as one of the first people she met in the local music scene who has had a great impact on it. Tyman, having been involved for 15 or 20 years, chooses his set with the local music scene in mind. The first track he picks is “City Deer” by Roger Harvey & The Wild Life which sounds like a cross between Neutral Milk Hotel and Bright Eyes. “This one is more melodic, but it still rocks a bit.” Tyman then talks about his friend and partner in the Hughshows concert series Jay Vega. “Without him it would be bongos and kazoos.”Many bands fade out and are reborn as other projects; such is the case with local band Yarn Wallows who came from The Slant. “[The Slant] is like the Joy Division or Uncle Tupelo of Pittsburgh,” he says. “I like the vibe that they give off that’s bombastic, self-described as bombastic, fun, groovy sing-along.” Tyman then talks about his last pick John O'Hallaron, a.k.a. Chalk Dinosaur, a one man, studio only musician. “He changes his vibe with each track with each album. He’s very prolific, but I just love the spirt of the song [“Pittsburgh I Love You”].”Hughshows is celebrating its tenth year and occurs every second Saturday of the month in 2014. This month’s show on August 9 will run from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., featuring Rob Gray (authentic Appalachian dark folk), Action Camp (Electro-doom pop), Essential Machine (indie-folk), and Balloon Ride Fantasy (fantasy rock).Hughshows' Guest DJ Setlist:Roger Harvey & The Wild Life - “City Deer”Yarn Wallows - "We Abound/We Are Bound (Puppeteering)"Chalk Dinosaur - “Pittsburgh I Love You”