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Rosanne Cash playlist curated by Rosemary Welsch

In honor of Rosanne Cash's performance in Pittsburgh, Rosemary Welsch shares some of her favorites on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. 

Local 913, Episode 1 - Morgan Erina

Morgan ErinaBorn and raised in the Bronx, indie-singer/songwriter, Morgan Erina, relocated to Pittsburgh in 2010 after releasing her debut solo album. The goal was to start a new music project with family friend and collaborator Justin Sane of Anti-Flag. Instead, Erina paved her own way musically with her duo Broken  Fences, who released one full length album and an EP over the course of the group’s existence. Since  the dissolution of Broken Fences, Morgan Erina has  maintained a strong local following with her solo  material. Erina’s haunting, sensitive lyrics and finger-picking acoustic guitar, bring to mind names like  Elliott Smith, Kurt Cobain and Sinead O’Connor. Last fall, she released a new single titled “October” with  the hope of finishing a new solo EP in the near future. Check out more information about Morgan Erina at her website:

Mardi Gras Music Special

Few cities have captured the imagination of songwriters as much as New Orleans has, so for Mardi Gras 2016, we took a tour of some of the songs inspired by the geography, the history, and the unique culture and traditions of The Big Easy. Songs included:Joe Liggins & The Honeydrippers - Going Back to New Orleans (1950)The Hawketts - Mardi Gras Mambo (1954)Fats Domino - Walking To New Orleans (1960)Laurel Aitken - Back to New Orleans (1962)Professor Longhair - Mardi Gras In New Orleans (1974)The Meters - Talkin' 'Bout New Orleans (1975)Wild Magnolias - New Suit (1975)Lucinda Williams - Crescent City (1988)Bo Dollis & The Rebirth Brass Band - Tipitina (1990)The Neville Brothers - Shake Your Tambourine (1994)Sonny Landreth - Congo Square (1995)Marcia Ball - Louisiana 1927 (1997)Kermit Ruffins - Drop Me Off In New Orleans (2001)Ben Arnold - Leaving NOLA (2007)Joe Grushecky - Lake Pontchartrain (2009) 

Local 913, Episode 45: The Red Western

After their debut in 2011, The Red Western return in 2016 with one less band member, a new sound and two brand new EPs: “Arrows” and “Sirens”. After their guitarist and songwriter Sean Soisson left for school in Utah in 2013, the band decided to not replace him and perform as a quartet. This forced the group to re-think the way they play their already recorded material and how to approach writing new music. Their results are a new, almost cinematic sound on the new Eps:“Our guitar player (Jon Gunnell) wrote a decent amount of the songs. Stylistically, his song differed quite a bit from what the group had written. It felt more natural to split the EPs up, but we really liked all the songs. We decided that instead of smashing them onto one release, we would just do two,” says Red Western vocalist Lauren Delorenze.This time around, the band took risks while writing and recording in order to get out of their comfort zone. Songwriting duties are shared amongst the members, marking it the first time the band recorded songs written by Delorenze. She attributes her day job at Phipps in assisting her songwriting:“I just love being outdoors. I have the luxury of working in a beautiful space. It’s very green and I’m around plants all the time. I think that helps me feel a little meditative when I write. Somethings will be popping into my head as I’m working throughout the day and that’s just from the environment I’m in.”Leading off the first EP, the song “Arrow” was written by guitarist Jon Gunnell. Delorenze says of learning the song:“From us learning the song, it’s a very technical song and it took us a little while to kind of feel comfortable and get into a groove. We could all play it, but it just was one of those things where it didn’t sound natural right away. Then once we all started falling into place it started sounding really good.” For more on The Red Western, check out their website. 

Coffeehouse Conversations: Chris Porterfield (Field Report)

COFFEEHOUSE CONVERSATIONS w/ Adam Kukic & Chris Porterfield (Field Report) Start: Field Report - "Home (Leave the Lights On)" - MARIGOLDEN 3:21: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Chris Porterfield on his career-to-date, the new album, and Counting Crows 7:03: Counting Crows - "Round Here" - AUGUST & EVERYTHING AFTER 12:19: Simon & Garfunkel - "America" - BOOKENDS 15:19: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Chris Porterfield on life experiences & Bob Dylan 18:52: Bob Dylan - "Not Dark Yet" - TIME OUT OF MIND 24:53: Neil Young - "A Man Needs a Maid" - HARVEST 28:43: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Chris Porterfield on Raymond Carver, giving up alcohol & Chris' album Marigolden 33:59: Field Report - "Ambrosia" - MARIGOLDEN Recorded on January 14, 2015 ... this segment originally aired on January 25, 2015

Coffeehouse Conversations: Grant-Lee Phillips

COFFEEHOUSE CONVERSATIONS: GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS Start: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Grant-Lee Phillips on the upcomng album THE NARROWS (March 18th) 2:04 - Grant-Lee Phillips - "Cry, Cry" - THE NARROWS 5:50 - Grant-Lee Phillips - "Buried Treasure" - LITTLE MOON 7:06 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Grant-Lee Phillips on the album LITTLE MOON, focusing on "Buried Treasure" & "The Sun Shines on Jupiter" 8:16 - Grant-Lee Phillips - "The Sun Shines on Jupiter" - LITTLE MOON 8:47 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Grant-Lee Phillips on songs from his Grant-Lee Buffalo days, focusing on "Arousing Thunder" & "Happiness" 10:53 - Grant-Lee Buffalo - "Arousing Thunder" - Copperopolis 11:42 - Grant-Lee Phillips - "Moccasin Creek" - THE NARROWS 13:08 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Grant-Lee Phillips on two songs at the core of his new album, THE NARROWS, "Moccasin Creek" & "Smoke and Sparks" 14:31 - Grant-Lee Phillips - "Smoke and Sparks" - THE NARROWS 16:28 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Grant-Lee Phillips on a potential return to "Stars Hollow" for the Netflix continuation of GILMORE GIRLS (w/ Carole King's "Where You Lead" from Tapestry).

Black History Month: Artist Spotlights

WYEP celebrates Black History Month throughout February. Here are some special segments highlight the career and historical impact of artists who changed the music world, including: Mahalia Jackson, the Staple Singers, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Gil Scott-Heron. 1) Mahalia Jackson (1:58)2) The Staple Singers (1:56)3) Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1:45) 4) Nina Simone (2:31)5) Marvin Gaye (1:49)6) Otis Redding (2:17)7) Sam Cooke (1:57)8) Gil Scott-Heron (1:47) Tune in to WYEP all month long to hear segments about songs, artists, and events for Black History Month.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Angela Perley

COFFEEHOUSE CONVERSATIONS: Adam Kukic w/ Angela Perley Start: Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons - "White Doves" - Homemade Vision 3:02: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Angela Perley 8:06: The Ronettes - "Be My Baby" - Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica 10:33: The Ramons - "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" - Leave Home 13:06: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Angela Perley 15:33: Kurt Vile - "Pretty Pimpin'" - b'lieve i'm goin' down ... 20:09: Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons - "Your Love" - Homemade Vision 23:30: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Angela Perley 26:47: Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons - "Electric Flame" - Homemade Vision

WYEP's David Bowie tribute

WYEP's two-hour appreciation of David Bowie. Aired: January 11, 2016.Join host Brian Siewiorek for a two-hour retrospective of Bowie's music, featuring many highlights from his epic career.Track listing:Sound and VisionLet's DanceThe Laughing GnomeThe Man Who Sold the WorldChangesZiggy StardustStarmanDrive-In SaturdayRebel RebelYoung AmericansFameGolden YearsHeroesV-2 SchneiderDJFantastic VoyageAshes to Ashes(hour two)Under Pressure (with Queen)China GirlBlue JeanHallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)I'm Afraid of AmericansSevenSlip AwayNew Killer StarThe Stars (Are Out Tonight)Lazarus Space Oddity

Coffeehouse Conversations: TORRES

COFFEEHOUSE CONVERSATIONS: TORRES: Start: TORRES - "New Skin" - SPRINTER 5:09 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Mackenzie Scott (TORRES) 10:35 - Enya - "Fallen Embers" - A DAY WITHOUT RAIN 13:02 - Live - "Lightning Crashes" - THROWING COPPER 18:!3 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Mackenzie Scott (TORRES) 25:29 - Portishead - "The Rip" - THIRD 29:25 - David Bazan - "Eating Papers" - STRANGE NEGOTIATIONS 32:32 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Mackenzie Scott (TORRES) 35:45 - TORRES - "A Proper Polish Welcome" - SPRINTER PROMO Segment: A crash course on the career of TORRES and a discussion of Tori Amos. IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW w/ Mackenzie Scott on "TORRES": We go in depth with Mackenzie into further discussion of her latest album SPRINTER, as well as insight into her personal journey, her writing process, and her thoughts on performing live.

Thomas Dolby On Performing With David Bowie at Live Aid

In 1985, David Bowie invited Thomas Dolby to play keyboards as part of a hastily thrown-together backing band for Bowie's performance at Live Aid. Dolby recalled how the band came together, Bowie's evolving demeanor towards the event, and how it was a dream come true for Dolby--a Bowie fan since his youth."I was just channeling my teenage adulation. I just sort of knew the songs intuitively rather than through practice and repetition," Dolby said of the experience. "It was quite transcendent, really."Leading up the actual performance, Dolby saw a different side of Bowie. "I flew in the helicopter to Wembley," he said, "And whereas Bowie had been a perfect gentleman all through the rehearsal process and was very magnanimous and gracious, given his fear of flying, on the helicopter, he was The Thin White Duke."Hear the segment with Thomas Dolby about David Bowie on this page. You can listen to the full hour-long special here.

WYEP's 2015 Local Year in Review

Join Cindy Howes for a two-hour look back on Pittsburgh's local music scene in 2015.

WYEP's 2015 Year in Review Countdown

Join Rosemary Welsch as she counts down WYEP's Top 50 Albums of 2015.

2015 Departures

WYEP pays tribute to many musicians who passed away in 2015.  Including: Allen Toussaint, Joe B. Mauldin, Frankie Ford, Popsy Dixon & Wendell Holmes, P.F. Sloan, Sam Andrew, Michael Brown, Cilla Black, Andy White, Little Jimmy Dickens, Lynn Anderson, Vic Firth, Darius Minwalla, Carey Lander, Ornette Coleman, Wally Lester, Andrae Crouch, Peggy "Lady Bo" Jones, BB King, David Rodriguez, Ronnie Gilbert, Tut Taylor, Sue Cunningham, Bill Keith, Theodore Bikel, Jean Richie, Kim Fowley, Steve MacKay, Scott Weiland, Lemmy, Lesley Gore, "Chizmo" Charles Anderson, Wilton Felder, Ben Cauley, Arthur Brooks, Cynthia Robinson, Percy Sledge William Guest, Ben E. King and more.Hosted by Brian Siewiorek with contributions from Rosemary Welsch, Mike Sauter, Joey Spehar, Rob O'Friel, Barb Steinberg, Bruce Mountjoy, Cindy Howes, Bob Studebaker, Kyle Smith, & Mike Canton.  

WYEP's John Lennon Tribute Special

John Winston Lennon was born in 1940 to Alf and Julia Lennon. Both of his parents were musically inclined, but also were people of varying degrees of responsibility. John's dad was  absent from his son's life from a young age, but he did show up after John became famous with The Beatles. In fact, the elder Lennon even recorded his own single which was released in late 1965. Billed as Freddie Lennon, it was titled "That's My Life (My Love and My Home)." As for his mother Julia, John wrote about her in songs several times.As a teen in the 1950s, John Lennon began to develop a keen interest in music, especially after he discovered rock & roll. He formed a series of bands before and after meeting up with Paul McCartney and George Harrison, including The Quarrymen.In 1962, The Beatles were signed to a record contract, and the rest, as they say, is history. After John Lennon met Yoko Ono, he began to look beyond being part of The Beatles. The newly-married pair staged their second "bed-in" in Montreal, creating a media circus in a hotel room to get publicity for anti-war awareness. While there, they invited Tommy Smothers, Timothy Leary,  Petula Clark, Allen Ginsberg, and DJ Murray the K to join them in a hastily organized singalong, and the recording became an anti-war movement anthem. They were billed as the Plastic Ono Band.In September of 1969, Lennon agreed to be perform at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival festival backed by a new, ad hoc incarnation of the Plastic Ono Band including Eric Clapton on lead guitar. The sloppy but exuberant performance was released on record as Live Peace in Toronto 1969. After The Beatles went their acrimonious separate ways in 1970, Lennon kept recording under the Plastic Ono Band banner. On his debut post-Beatles album released later that year, John very plainly declared his view that his old band was, once and for all, over.Throughout 1971, John Lennon kept his political message front and center in his new solo career. By 1972, John and Yoko had moved to New York and continued being active in politics. His involvement with counterculture activists like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman alarmed the Nixon Administration and the government tried to deport Lennon, based on a 1968 pot possession conviction in England. John Lennon never performed a concert tour. In fact, after The Beatles stopped touring in 1966, Lennon only performed on stage in front of an audience on a handful of occasions. But in the summer of 1972, John and Yoko, backed by the Elephant's Memory band performed a pair of benefit shows at Madison Square Garden for the Willowbrook School, a facility in Staten Island for children with developmental disabilities. Lennon's fight against being deported back to the U.K. led him to move away from his anti-war activism, both in his activities and in his music. Also facing troubles in his relationship with Yoko, Lennon's music began to deal once again more with the emotional rather than the political. Throughout the early 1970s, the other former Beatles had great commercial success. By 1974, Paul Mccartney had topped the U.S. singles chart 3 times, George Harrison had done so twice, and even Ringo had two #1 hits by then. But John had no #1 hits. "Imagine" and "Instant Karma!" had just missed, both peaking at #3. While working on a new song in mid 1974 with Elton John helping out on piano and backing vocals, Elton bet Lennon that his new song would be a chart-topper. If Elton won the bet, Lennon would have to perform it on stage at an Elton John concert. Lennon agreed and thought he had little chance of having to be held to that commitment. However, the song, "Whatever Gets You Through the Night," did hit #1 and so John Lennon made his final concert appearance on Thanksgiving Day 1974.John Lennon became a father for the second time on his own birthday in 1975, and after Sean Lennon's birth, John pulled back from public life. His 1975 cover album of oldies, titled Rock and Roll, was his last album of new recordings for five years. It wasn't until 1980 that his next album was recorded (in collaboration with Yoko) called Double Fantasy.Following Lennon's shocking murder 35 years ago, reporter Eric Leif Davin of the then-WYEP news program The Weekly Reader went out into the streets of Oakland and interviewed passersby to get their thoughts on the tragedy. Clips from these interviews are included in this audio special.Many musicians who knew John Lennon as well as those who were simply fans paid tribute in their music. Perhaps most touchingly, band mates from The Beatles recorded memorial songs. George Harrison recorded "All Those Years Ago" (from Harrison's 1981 album Somewhere in England) and Paul McCartney released "Here Today" in 1982. Both songs were produced by Beatles producer George Martin.

Trailer Park Boys Interview

Joey Spehar of the Morning Mix talked with Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles of the Trailer Park Boys about Christmas scams, the upcoming presidential election, and donating cars to WYEP.

A Very John Waters Christmas Guest DJ on WYEP

Director and racontuer, John Waters, joins WYEP's Brian Siewiorek for a "Guest DJ" set of some of his favorite holiday tunes. Along the way, he chats about his unique love for the holiday and tells stories about meeting James Brown in Bloomingdales, Christmas albums that should be made and his one man Christmas show.John Waters' selections: "Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)" - The Chipmunks"Let's Make Christmas Mean Something this Year" - James Brown"Nuttin' for Christmas" - Ricky Zahnd and the Blue Jeaners"Santa Claus is a Black Man" - Akim and Teddy Van Illustration: Glen Hanson

WYEP's Neil Young 70th birthday tribute

To celebrate Neil Young’s 70th birthday on November 12, 2015, WYEP ran a one-hour retrospective of his recording career. Beginning in 1968 and continuing into recent releases, the special features solo songs as well as material with Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, and Crazy Horse.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Caleb Pogyor of Talkers

Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Caleb Pogyor (of Talkers)Start: Talkers - "Cocoon" - Bad Ones3:46 : Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Caleb Pogyor 5:35 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "The World Is Crowded" -  Multi-Love9:26 - Deftones - "Digital Bath" - White Pony13:21 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Caleb Pogyor 16:21 - Radiohead - "The National Anthem" - Kid A20:07 - All Them Witches - "Open Passageways" - Dying Surfer Meets His Maker23:14 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Caleb Pogyor 27:46 - Talkers - "Bad Ones" - Bad Ones More info can be found on Talkers at  

Coffeehouse Conversations: Melinda Colaizzi

Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Melinda ColaizziStart: Melinda Colaizzi - "No Expectations" - WitnessCoffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Melinda ColaizziJanis Joplin - "Me & Bobby McGee" - PearlJack White - "I'm Shakin'" - BlunderbussCoffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Melinda ColaizziLucinda Williams - "Joy" - Car Wheels on a Gravel RoadB.B. King - "Three O'Clock Blues" - Singin' The BluesCoffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic, Melinda Colaizzi & Kristian HabenichtMelinda Colaizzi - "Keeper of the Flame" - Keeper of the FlameBonus:Promo - Melinda talkin' Howlin' Wolf and how she discoverd the Blues!

Coffeehouse Conversations: Damien Jurado

Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Damien JuradoStart: Damien Jurado - "Ohio" - Rehearsals for Departure3:33 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Damien Jurado8:23 - Grateful Dead - "Box of Rain" - American Beauty13:18 - Velvet Underground - "Sister Ray" - White Light/White Heat15:17 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Damien Jurado19:50 - Damien Jurado - "Metallic Cloud" - Brothers and Sister of the Eternal Sun23:00 - Bo Diddley - "Oh Yeah (AKA Oh Yes)" - Ride On: The Chess Masters, 1960-196126:07 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Damien Jurado31:18 - Patti Smith - "Break It Off" - Horses34:53 - Damien Jurado - "Silvery Timothy" - Brothers and Sister of the Eternal Sun37:11 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Damien Jurado41:53 - Sharon Van Etten - "Serpents" - Tramp 

Songwriting Legends: Paul Simon

WYEP explores the work and influence of an enormously influential songwriter, one who helped to shape the course of popular music. This episode focuses on Paul Simon, who rose to fame as half of Simon & Garfunkel and then launched a notably enduring solo career. His intelligent lyrics and infectious melodies have powered his legacy as a songwriter. Hear some of his best-known songs, both solo and with Simon & Garfunkel, as well as covers by Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, the Lemonheads, and Cher.

Songwriting Legends: Joni Mitchell

WYEP explores the work and influence of an enormously influential songwriter, one who helped to shape the course of popular music. This episode focuses on Joni Mitchell. She not only expanded the horizons of popular music with her experimentation with fusing folk, rock, jazz, and world music, but her skill as a poetic writer helped to push the boundaries of music for the masses. Hear some of her best-known songs as well as covers by Tom Rush, Bonnie Raitt, k.d. lang, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & young.

Songwriting Legends: Chuck Berry

WYEP explores the work and influence of an enormously influential songwriter, one who helped to shape the course of popular music. This episode focuses on Chuck Berry, the rock 'n' roll pioneer who practically wrote the book on both rock songwriting and guitar playing. Hear some of his best-known songs as well as covers by The Beatles, the Grateful Dead, Lyle Lovett, and Pittsburgh's own Iron City Houserockers.

Songwriting Legends: Woody Guthrie

WYEP explores the work and influence of an enormously influential songwriter, one who helped to shape the course of popular music. This episode focuses on Woody Guthrie, the dust bowl troubadour, who rose to prominence in the 1940’s and inspired generations of songwriters. Hear some of his best-known songs as well as covers by Bruce Springsteen, Odetta, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and many more.