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Local 913, Episode 5 - Meeting of Important People

Meeting of Important People If you've been listening to WYEP over the past half-dozen years, you've probably heard about the Pittsburgh trio Meeting of Important People. Over the course of their two full-length albums, the group has made some tremendously catchy pop-rock songs that can stick in your head in the best possible way. The band is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Josh Verbanets, and propelled by bassist Aaron Bubenheim and drummer Matt Miller. Each member has been playing in different area bands since they were much younger, and they got together as sort of a local supergroup in 2007. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2009, earning them plaudits from a number of sources including from us here at WYEP who declared them our 2009 Local Artist of the Year. In 2012, Meeting of Important People returned with the album My Ears Are Having a Heart Attack, once again continuing their tradition of crafting engaging songs with big hooks and a bright sound. The band promises on their Facebook page that they keep the "loud parts loud and the pretty parts pretty," and while that's a whimsical way to sum up their sound, they do have a knack for pulling off rock songs with harmonies, a fun sound, and clean production. They can take elements reminiscent of The Kinks, Fountains of Wayne, Guster, and The Who Sell Out-era The Who, and make it sound their own. Their new single, "All Ride Off Together," puts into one song a lot of what the band has been seemingly working towards since they began recording. An energetic rhythm and gentle guitars start the song which builds to a gigantic sound, including a chorus of notable guests from the local music scene, including Chet Vincent, Morgan Erina, and Andre Costello. Find out more about Meeting of Important People at their website.

Rosanne Cash playlist curated by Rosemary Welsch

In honor of Rosanne Cash's performance in Pittsburgh, Rosemary Welsch shares some of her favorites on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. 

Local 913, Episode 1 - Morgan Erina

Morgan ErinaBorn and raised in the Bronx, indie-singer/songwriter, Morgan Erina, relocated to Pittsburgh in 2010 after releasing her debut solo album. The goal was to start a new music project with family friend and collaborator Justin Sane of Anti-Flag. Instead, Erina paved her own way musically with her duo Broken  Fences, who released one full length album and an EP over the course of the group’s existence. Since  the dissolution of Broken Fences, Morgan Erina has  maintained a strong local following with her solo  material. Erina’s haunting, sensitive lyrics and finger-picking acoustic guitar, bring to mind names like  Elliott Smith, Kurt Cobain and Sinead O’Connor. Last fall, she released a new single titled “October” with  the hope of finishing a new solo EP in the near future. Check out more information about Morgan Erina at her website:

Grand Piano Release "Sea" EP

Joey Spehar spoke with Thomas Cipollone and Wes Conroy from Grand Piano about their underwater-themed "Sea" EP.Thomas and Wes discuss the latest release, which has a runtime of less that ten minutes but is packed with great material.  Discussing their approach to recording, they note, "Writing longer songs would just be totally inappropriate. We're just doing this experimental idea of jumping around to different genres very quickly.  It calls for an aggressive attitude, and I think we just stuff a lot of content into songs that are just barely over a minute."Inspirations on the record range from sea creatures to Viewmaster slides, but the band claims that musical experimentation and imagination really fueled the creative fires during recording:  "I don't wanna say that it's jamming at all, because everything that happens is specifically orchestrated.  However, we get there through experimentation...Things happen by accident all the time, but we learn from our accidents and apply them directly."They officially release Sea this Saturday at a release party in Lawrenceville, but there's more on the way from Grand Piano.  The guys announce that they are already hard at work on their next EP, titled Space.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Jolie Holland

Jolie Holland Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicRecorded: April 17th, 2015 - Airdate: May 31st, 2015Start: Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Jolie Holland & Adam Kukic3:04- M. Ward - "Story of an Artist" - The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered CoveredThe Coffeehouse airs every Sunday from 8am - 11am (EST) with Coffeehouse Conversations at 10am (EST).

Coffeehouse Conversations: David Bielanko of Marah

David Bielanko Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicRecorded - November 30, 2014 / Airdate - December 14, 2014Start: Marah - "Ten Cents at the Gate" - Marah Presents Mountain Minstrelsy of Pennsylvania3:10 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ David Bielanko (Marah) & Adam Kukic9:04 - R.L. Burnside - "Rollin' & Tumblin'" - Mr. Wizard13:30 - Blue Mountain - "When You're Not Mine" - Tales of a Traveler16:20 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ David Bielanko (Marah) & Adam Kukic22:18 - Lou Reed - "Paranoia Key of E" - Ecstasy26:16 - Lee Perry The Upsetter - "Ghetto Sidewalk" - Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread 30:30 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ David Bielanko (Marah) & Adam Kukic37:03 - Marah - "The Old Riverman's Regret" - Marah Presents Mountain Minstrelsy of Pennsylvania

B.B.King Tribute

Legendary blues musician B.B. King passed away on May 14, 2015 at the age of 89.  Joey Spehar from The Morning Mix pays tribute to The King of The Blues. "While striving to move the music forward, the best blues musicians keep a foot held firmly in the past. That was B.B. King," Joey says.  King was born Riley B. King on September 16, 1925 on a plantation called Berclair, just outside of Itta Bena, Mississippi.  He passed away in his sleep on May 14th at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada due to complications stemming from his longtime battle with diabetes.  King didn't exactly grow up in the most financially stable household, but he kept a positive demeanor throughout his childhood.  "We had nothing, but I didn't feel poor," King says of his upbringing, "I felt good."The King of the Blues married twice in his life: to Martha Lee Denton from 1946-1952 and Sue Carol Hall for eight years from 1958-1966.  He fathered fifteen children with several different women, but he kept his one true love with him throughout his career - his guitar, Lucille.  In 2005, for King's 80th birthday, Gibson made a special run of 80 Gibson "Lucilles".  The first was presented to King at a birthday celebration, and he subsequently used the guitar until it was stolen in 2009.  The two were eventually reunited though, as the guitar was found after being bought at a Las Vegas pawn shop and returned to the musician.  Parts of it...they're happy.  The parts that I tried to do the best I could do, play the music as best as I could...I'm proud of that because there's no hold back.  It's never going out on the stage anytime and say, "I'm gonna do this, and then I'm gonna get out."  That's never been [my thing], I don't think it ever will be.But where I'm let down a bit is not being able to do a lot of things that I should have been able to do by practicing more and paying more attention to what I was doing.I hope that the young fans or the people that like me will appreciate what I have done.  I'm proud of that, is what I'm trying to say.B.B. King, looking back on his life.

Peter Mulvey Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

Peter Mulvey Guest DJs on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. Peter's song selections:1. Amy Correia - City Girl2. Emmylou Harris - Where Will I Be3. Anais Mitchell - Now You Now

Coffeehouse Conversations: William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicRecorded: April 8th, 2015 - Airdate: May 17th, 2015Start: William Fitzsimmons - "Pittsburgh" - Pittsburgh3:33 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ William Fitzsimmons & Adam Kukic8:21 - The National - "This Is The Last Time" - Trouble Will Find Me12:48 - Sufjan Stevens - "Should Have Known Better" - Carrie & Lowell 17:12 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ William Fitzsimmons & Adam Kukic21:18 - Sun Kil Moon - "Carissa" [Edit] - Benji24:35 - Michael Flynn - "The Arrow At Your Feet" - Head in the Cloud27:30 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ William Fitzsimmons & Adam Kukic33:35 - William Fitzsimmons - "Matter" - PittsburghBonus:Promo - William Fitzsimmons discusses his appreciation of Nick Drake's Pink Moon - Nick Drake - "Place To Be" - Pink MoonPromo - William Fitzsimmons discusses Elliott Smith (Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield) - Elliott Smith - "Somebody That I Used To Know - Figure 8The Coffeehouse airs Sundays 8am - 11am (EST), with Coffeehouse Conversations taking place at 10am. 

Guest DJ: Fritz Fekete

In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week, PSEA Advocacy Coordinator Fritz Fekete joins Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix to play some songs inspired by school.  As the region's PSEA Advocacy Coordinator, Fritz keeps PSEA teachers and education professionals informed about issues that are relevant to them.  As today's Guest DJ, Fritz came in and shared some songs thaat inspire him in his line of work.As his first song, Fritz played "Be True to Your School" by the Beach Boys. "There are so many songs about school, and so many of them are negative," Fritz says, "so we're going to start with a positive one."Fritz's second song was "School" by Nirvana, a rough rocker from the band's debut album, Bleach.  Fritz remarks, "It's important to remember that not just kids love recess, but our members and educators love recess too.  When he's talking about 'no recess', that's the crushing stone upon educators' backs."Fritz went out with "What a Wonderful World", a classic tune by Sam Cooke.  "This song really tells us what great things we can achieve by supporting our kids, by supporting our teachers and public schools," says Fekete. Fritz's Guest DJ Set:Beach Boys - Be True To Your SchoolNirvana - SchoolSam Cooke - Wonderful World

Pittsburgh Grateful Dead History

The Grateful Dead played their first concert on May 5th, 1965.  Joey Spehar details some of The Dead's history in the Steel City on The Morning Mix. The band actually made their Pittsburgh debuton February 7th, 1969 with a show at the Stanley Theater - which was opened by another legendary band, The Velvet Underground.  Rumor has it that after the show, members of the band departed to a commune in Shadyside to celebrate in true Dead fashion.The Grateful Dead came back to Pittsburgh in 1971 for their first show in the then still fairly new Civic Arena.  They played a packed 21-song performance, with band members Jerry Garcia and Bill Kreutzman also playing for the tour's opener, New Riders of the Purple Sage.\One of the more memorable Dead concerts came on April 3rd, 1989, when city police clashed with a drove of loyal fans attempting to work their way into the Civic Arena without concert tickets.  The event resulted in at least 25 arrests that evening.  Pittsburgh mayor at the time, Sophie Masloff made headlines when he called the band "The Dreadful Dead".  The Grateful Dead came back the next summer, though - they put together a whopping 7-hour concert at Three Rivers Stadium with fellow band Crosby, Stills, and Nash.The Grateful Dead played one of their final shows in the Steel City in 1995, packing thousands of fans into Three Rivers Stadium and backing up traffic in multiple directions for miles.  Local music legends Rusted Root played this concert with the band, who kept truckin' despite the rain that began to pour at the end of the event.  Jerry Garcia passed away just over a month later on August 9th.  Check out all of the Grateful Dead's area performances here. 

Coffeehouse Conversations: Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicStart: Emily Kinney - "Be Good" - Expired Love2:46 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Emily Kinney & Adam Kukic6:36 - Jaymay - "Gray or Blue" - Autumn Fallin'9:41 - Emily Kinney - "Expired Lover" - Expired Love13:03 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Emily Kinney & Adam Kukic15:20 - Lisa Loeb - "Stay (Acoustic Version)" - The Purple Tape18:13 - Hem - "Lazy Eye" - Rabbit Songs20:27 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Emily Kinney & Adam Kukic23:35 - Emily Kinney - "This Is War" - This Is War - Single26:48 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Emily Kinney & Adam KukicBonus Material:Extras #1:Emily Kinney on covering Tom Waits for The Walking Dead (Tom Waits - "Hold On" - Mule Variations)Extras #2:Emily Kinney on some early musical influences courtesy of her parents including Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Carole King & Creedence Clearwater Revival:Start - Joni Mitchell - "A Case of You" - Blue 4:16 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Emily Kinney & Adam Kukic4:53 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Bad Moon Rising" - Green RiverExtras #3:Start - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Emily Kinney & Adam Kukic1:00 - Flybys - "Get Into My Car" - Your Mother's Love - EP3:46 - Halsey - "Is There Somewhere" - Room 93 - EP 7:10 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Emily Kinney & Adam KukicThe Coffeehouse airs Sundays from 8am - 11am (EST) with Coffeehouse Conversations airing at 10am (EST).  

Coffeehouse Conversations: Elizabeth & The Catapult

Elizabeth Ziman (Elizabeth & The Catapult) Coffeehouse Conversations with Adam KukicRecorded on April 26th, 2015 - Airdate May 3rd, 2015Start: Elizabeth & The Catapult - "Race You" Taller Children3:00 -Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Elizabeth Ziman & Adam Kukic7:53 - Richard Swift - "Lady Luck" - The Atlantic Ocean11:40 - Damien Jurado - "Silver Timothy" - Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son14:50 - Kishi Bashi - "Philosophize in It! Chemicalize with It!" - Lighght18:02 -Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Elizabeth Ziman & Adam Kukic20:23 - Laura Mvula - "Sing to the Moon" - Sing to the Moon24:22 - Elizabeth & The Catapult - "Happy Pop" - Like It Never Happened28:00 -Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Elizabeth Ziman & Adam Kukic30:23 - Stevie Wonder - "Village Ghetto Land" - Natural Wonder33:43 -Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Elizabeth Ziman & Adam KukicBonus material:Elizabeth got a call from Sarah Bareilles during our Coffeehouse Conversation : Sarah Bareilles - "Love Song" - Little VoiceThe Coffeehouse airs Sundays from 8am - 11am (EST) with Coffeehouse Conversations airing at 10am (EST).   

Billy Price interviews Muscle Shoals FAME Producer Rick Hall

Pittsburgh soul legend, Billy Price, talks to legendary Muscle Shoals producer, Rick Hall. Listen to their full conversation below (16 mins long) or check out the produced piece that aired on The Morning Mix (10 mins). Rick Hall, legendary record producer/songwriter and founder of FAME Studios in Alabama, released a new autobiography titled The Man from Muscle Shoals: My Jorney from Shame to Fame.  Additionally, Pittsburgh's own soul legend Billy Price is releasing a new record with Otis Clay called This Time for Real (out on May 19th).  Billy Price recently had the chance to interview Rick Hall, and the two ended up having a conversation that's both enlightening and Rick talks for a bit about his first record, You Better Move On with Arthur Alexander.  "I found out he was a very good songwriter," he says, "I modified the lick [from Ben E. King's "Stand By Me"] a little bit so it would sound poppy.  That's what we went with."Hall addresses the passing of the great Percy Sledge by discussing the recording of Percy's first big hit, "When a Man Loves a Woman", and the push to get the song published.  He states, "The producers [Quin Ivy, Marlin Greene] were signed to me as songwriters.  They came to me and said, 'We've cut some sides on Percy Sledge and I'd like to hear what you think.'...I said, 'I think it's a number one record worldwide.'"Rick Hall takes some time to talk about some of the other artists he's worked with over the years as well.  Among them:  Bobby Womack, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Mac Davis, Tom Jones, The Osmonds, Etta James, Bobby Gentry, and Otis Clay.Billy Price's new album with Otis Clay titled This Time for Real comes out next month on Bonedog Records.Rick Hall's autobiography, The Man from Muscle Shoals: My Journey from Shame to Fame is currently on sale.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Andre Costello

Andre Costello Coffeehouse Conversations with Adam KukicAirdate March 29th, 2015Start - Andre Costello & The Cool Minors - "Hear Say" - Summer's Best3:29 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Andre Costello & Adam Kukic7:58 - Grateful Dead - "Dire Wolf" - Workingman's Dead11:16 - Bright Eyes - "Another Travellin' Song" - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning15:22 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Andre Costello & Adam Kukic21:45 - Death Cab For Cutie - "Rockin' Chair" - Endless Highway: The Music of The Band27:02 - Dirty Projectors - "Swing Lo Magellan" - Swing Lo Magellan29:33 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Andre Costello & Adam Kukic34:50 - Andre Costello & The Cool Minors - "Steady Loaded People" - The Rattling Arcade41:10 - Animal Colletive - "Winters Love" - Sung Tongs44:56 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Andre Costello & Adam KukicAlso Referenced: Delicate Steve & David ByrneThe Coffeehouse airs Sundays, 8am - 11am (EST) with the Coffeehouse Conversations segment at 10am (EST).

Kurt Neumann of BoDeans Guest DJs

The Wisconsin-based band BoDeans have a new album out called "I Can't Stop", and they'll be performing tonight at Jergel's in Warrendale.  Frontman of BoDeans, Kurt Neumann, stopped by for a Guest DJ set on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes.Kurt's first selection was "You Love the Thunder" by Jackson Browne.  The song inspired Neumann going way back to his high school years.  "The title 'You Love the Thunder', it always reminded me of how much I loved rock and roll," Neumann says.  The second song Neumann played was "Long December" by the Counting Crows.  Chiefly, he claimed that the tune was a beautifully performed and written song.  "It always reminded me of L.A.," Neumann says, "A lot of people either connect with it or they don't out there.  I'm a midwesterner, so I don't connect with L.A. so well, and that song just kind of summed up the loneliness that I think is out there a lot.""Daughter" by Pearl Jam - another song that Neumann really admires for its strong songwriting - was his final pick.  "I have five daughters at home," says Neumann, "so anything that has to do with a 'daughter', I'm going to listen to and take note of." Kurt's song selections:1. Jackson Browne - "You Love The Thunder"2. Counting Crows - "A Long December"3. Pearl Jam - "Daughter"

Coffeehouse Conversations: Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicRecorded January 4th, 2015 & Aired on February 1st, 2015Start - Rebecca Loebe - "Swallowed by the Sea" - Circus Heart3:44 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Rebecca Loebe & Adam Kukic9:00 - Danny Malone - "Sugar Water" - Balloons12:36 - Devon Sproule & Mike O'Neill - "You Can't Help It" - Colours15:48 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Rebecca Loebe & Adam Kukic20:26 - John Eilliot & The Hereafter - "The American West" - Backyards25:44 - Jinx McGee featuring Moorhaunter - "Cool with It" - Enjoy Your Body28:42 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Rebecca Loebe & Adam Kukic34:31 - Rebecca Loebe - Lie - Three Nights LiveBonus:Rebecca Loebe on guilty pleasure song,  Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" & Lucy Wainwright RocheRebecca Loebe on recording a Bus Sessions with Nicki Bluhm & The Grambles - "One Toke Over the Line" The Coffeehouse airs Sundays, 8am - 11am (EST) with the Coffeehouse Conversations segment at 10am (EST).

Coffeehouse Conversations: Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicRecorded April 7th, 2015 & Aired April 26th, 2015Start - Josh Rouse - "Some Days I'm Golden All Night" - (The Embers of Time)2:54 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Josh Rouse & Adam Kukic4:48 - Aaorn Embry - "The Raven's Song" - (Tiny Prayers)6:31 - The Wave Pictures - "I Could Hear the Telephone (3 Floors Above Me)" - (Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon)9:33 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Josh Rouse & Adam Kukic11:46 - Carole King - "I Feel the Earth Move" - (Tapestry)14:34 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Josh Rouse & Adam Kukic16:09 - Josh Rouse - "Crystal Falls" - (The Embers of Time)The Coffeehouse airs Sundays, 8am - 11am (EST) with the Coffeehouse Conversations segment at 10am (EST).

World Party's Goodbye Jumbo Turns 25

World Party's sophomore album Goodbye Jumbo turns 25. Mike Sauter talks about and shares some poignant tracks from this classic album.World Party was formed in 1986 when Karl Wallinger left The Waterboys.  After recieving initial attention for the debut album titled Private Revolution, Wallinger took some time to assemble the follow-up.  The awaited Goodbye Jumbo arrived in 1990, and is perhaps "the most well-regarded" album of World Party's discography by general consensus.  Mike notes, "Wallinger wanted to create that...very hook-y, very interesting to listen to, sort of pop-rock sound - and I think he achieved that best on the Goodbye Jumbo album."The first track Mike shared from was the album's second track, "Way Down Now".  The song, which was picked up immediately by modern rock stations at the time, was the first single from Goodbye Jumbo.  "There's a jumpy, fun, energetic sort of groove to it," Mike says, "It still completely holds up.  It's an obviously catchy song."The second song we heard from the album was "Put the Message in the Box", a lyrically-heavy piece.  Mike discusses the song's catchiness, saying, "I loved this from the very first time I heard it."Mike sums up the sound of Goodbye Jumbo effectively:  "I think you can look at World Party as being a natural evolution of that [pop-rock] sound.  If you took the Electric Light Orchestra approach to a pop-rock sound, and The Beatles; and sort of throw that in a blender and throw the late '80s - early '90s production sound on it, you get Goodbye Jumbo."

Mike Scott of The Waterboys Guest DJs on The Morning Mix

The Waterboys have been around since 1983, playing a rythmic mix of traditional folk and rock and roll. Their new album, Modern Blues, was released this month to great critical acclaim. They are playing a show in Pittsburgh tonight (4/21) at Mr. Smalls, so founding member Mike Smith took the time to drop in on the Morning Mix for a guest DJ set.Mike started out with "When My Time Comes" by Dawes.  Featured on the band's 2009 album North Hills, Mike calls the song, "Absolutely killer...a modern classic, I would even say"  He appreciates many facets of the song, from the lyrics down to the production.  "There's a sense of gravity - the guy who's singing it, it's life or death to him," Mike says, "When he hits that chorus, it blows me away."Mike's second pick was "Baby, You're a Rich Man" from The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour - a tune he thinks is an "unsung" piece of the band's discography.  The song incorporates a variety of instrumentation that contributes to its intricate melodies.  "It's a beautiful song, but nobody ever talks about it," Mike comments.The final song Mike chose was "Rock and Roll Is Cold" by Matthew E. White.  White's new album Fresh Blood is one of Mike's favorite new releases, and he shared his love for that work with Cindy, remarking that the tune has an effective simple chord sequence with a "really sweet groove and a gorgeous climax".Mike's song selections:1. "When My Time Comes" - Dawes2. "Baby You're A Rich Man" - The Beatles3. "Rock & Roll Is Cold" - Matthew E White

Coffeehouse Conversations: Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicRecorded March 20th, 2015 & Aired April 5th, 2015Start - Martin Sexton - "Do It Daily" (Mixtape of the Open Road)2:57 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Martin Sexton & Adam Kukic7:06 - Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin III)13:46 - Martin Sexton - "Doin' Something Right (Mixtape of the Open Road)16:34 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Martin Sexton & Adam Kukic19:30 - Tom Waits - "House Where Nobody Lives" (Mule Variations)23:26 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Martin Sexton & Adam Kukic26:14 - Martin Sexton "Pine Away" - (Mixtape of the Open Road)The Coffeehouse airs Sundays, 8am - 11am (EST) with the Coffeehouse Conversations segment at 10am (EST).

Local 913, Episode 3 - Brightside

Brightside Brightside are one of those bands that have a knack for remembering the past and looking into the future at the same time.  Formed in Pittsburgh in 2010, Brightside released their first album a year later.  Brightside have crafted a poignant blend of emo and indie rock with smart lyrics and perfect pop hooks – think Modest Mouse on “The Moon and Antarctica” or your favorite Lemonheads CD. Brightside’s latest album, their third in all, Now & Loud, was produced and engineered by Jake Ewald of the Philly emo band Modern Baseball. While it may not show in Now and Loud’s careful production and spot-on pop sensibility, at it’s core Brightside is a DIY band. Even before joining the independent record label Broken World Media’s roster in 2012, Brightside has been making their own merch and doing things their own way. Guitarist Matt Vituccio admits, “the result isn't always spot on but that is part of the learning process.” Check out more information about Brightside at their Facebook. 

Coffeehouse Conversations : Madeleine Peyroux

Madeleine Peyroux' Coffeehouse Conversation w/ Adam KukicRecorded March 1st 2015 & Aired April 19th, 2015Start: Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me to the End of Love (Careless Love) 3:48 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Madeleine Peyroux & Adam Kukic6:39 - Randy Newman - "Political Science" (Sail Away)8:41 - Bob Dylan - "Idiot Wind" (The Bootleg Series)15:43 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Madeleine Peyroux & Adam Kukic19:52 - Joni Mitchell - "Coyote" (Hejira)24:27 - Phoebe Snow - "Poetry Man" (Phoebe Snow)28:53 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Madeleine Peyroux & Adam Kukic33:34 - Madeleine Peyroux - "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" (Careless Love)Bonus Clips:Madeleine Peyroux discusses how she came to record Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars" (either/or)Madeleine Peyroux discusses her recording of Everybody's Talkin' - including thoughts on Harry Nilsson & Fred Neil's original version of "Everybody's Talkin" The Coffeehouse airs Sundays, 8am - 11am (EST) with the Coffeehouse Conversations segment at 10am (EST).

Coffeehouse Conversations: Nora Jane Struthers

Nora Jane Struthers Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam KukicRecorded November 29th, 2014 & Aired December 7th, 2014Start- Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line - "Carnival" (Carnival)2:53 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Nora Jane Struthers & Adam Kukic10:02 - Guy Clark - "Hell Bent on a Heartache" (My Favorite Picture Of You)13:27 - Hayes Carll - "Bad Liver And A Broken Heart" (Trouble In Mind)17:36 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Nora Jane Struthers & Adam Kukic21:03 - Jason Isbell - "Cover Me Up" (Southeastern)25:36 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Nora Jane Struthers & Adam Kukic27:23 - Joe Pug - "Nation of Heat" (Nation of Heat)31:06 - The Sweetback Sisters - "Run Home And Cry" (Looking for a Fight)33:43 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Nora Jane Struthers & Adam Kukic37:45 - Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line - "The Same Road" (Wake)41:00 - Bonus Material including discussion on Paul McCartney , James Brown , The Cranberries , Talking Heads , Willie NelsonThe Coffeehouse airs Sundays, 8am - 11am (EST) with the Coffeehouse Conversations segment at 10am (EST).

Local 913, Episode 2 - Arlo Aldo

Arlo AldoThis week, we’re highlighting the indie-folk group Arlo Aldo. After relocating from Baltimore, David Manchester started Arlo Aldo in 2011. Originally, Arlo Aldo served as Manchester’s side-project to his primary band, the Baltimore-based Kadman. The move to Pittsburgh marked the end of Kadman with Manchester shifting his focus to Arlo Aldo.  Inspired by the folk, blues and Americana tradition, Arlo Aldo bring something unique and modern with their sublime, calming sound thanks to Manchester’s vision and to the talented group of musicians in the lineup. Multi-instrumentalist, Ariel Neiland Forbes was the original second member, adding beautiful harmonies and the perfect light touch to the keys, bells and melodica. Pittsburgh music veteran Susanna Meyer, formally of Boca Chica, holds down the bassline and adds further to the perfect harmonies that compliment Manchester’s vocals. Also of note, Brandon Forbes on drums, who’s tasteful beat rounds out the band’s sound and brings the songs to life. Arlo Aldo has released one full length album: Zelie in 2013 and one EP: Spin The Twine in 2014. The band hopes to release their next full length album in late summer. In the meantime, we’ll get a song from their latest, which seems to take influence from bands like Low, Iron & Wine and also a strong influence from The Carter Family. Check out more information about Arlo Aldo at their website: