The Hold Steady "Teeth Dreams"

The Hold Steady “Teeth Dreams”

The Hold Steady never thought they’d be making music together 10 years after their debut album – The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me – was released.  A few members have changed, but the powerful riffs and debauched storytelling is strong as ever on Teeth Dreams

The first thing you notice when you put on Teeth Dreams is how big the sound is.  Much of the credit for that can be given to the band’s newest member Steve Selvidge.  The former Lucero guitarist adds a layer of gritty precision that compliments the fretwork of Tad Kubler in very symbiotic way.  The addition of a second full-time guitar player also affords lead singer Craig Finn the space to explore his voice in new ways.  Finn’s gravelly, speak-sing style sounds more polished and melodic on Teeth Dreams, but it certainly doesn’t lack for intensity.

Longtime fans of The Hold Steady will appreciate the band’s return to form on Teeth Dreams.  The riffs tower like Minneapolis skyscrapers over the characters Finn sings about who feel more at home in the gutters and back alleys of the Twin Cities.   

If you’ve ever dreamed about your teeth falling out, you know the helpless, anxious dread that accompanies those visions.  The Hold Steady perfectly capture that anxiety on Teeth Dreams and they make us feel that we’re not alone.

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