Radiohead "A Moon Shaped Pool"

Radiohead close their latest album with the song, “True Love Waits”, perhaps as a cheeky wink to the band’s hordes of diehard fans.  Patience is certainly a virtue for Radiohead fans, considering most heard an early version of that song more than 15 years ago on Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” live album.  Patience is definitely a virtue for the members of Radiohead, as there are more than a few tracks on this album that the group has been toiling away at for at least a decade or so.  Even the album’s first single, “Burn the Witch” is rumoured to originate in 1999’s “Kid A” sessions,

We’ve been waiting 5 years for a new Radiohead album and it seems to be worth it.  The album’s various musical arrangements and textures make for a compelling listen. It’s not the first time the band has used classical instruments on their records, but the use of piano, strings and horns this time around beautifully elevate the band’s sound.

Of course, in true Radiohead fashion, there are quirky, ambiguous lyrics matched with the core band’s skilled performances and a subtle layer of paranoia.  Given the conception dates of some of these songs, there might be some nostalgia for earlier styles of Radiohead, but this ever-evolving band has indeed morphed again. 

With the release of so many songs that Radiohead has been working on for some time, it makes one wonder what’s next for this group, if anything at all. Brian Sieworiek (WYEP Production Director/Host)