Pete Yorn "Arranging Time"

In 2001 New Jersey native Pete Yorn debut album, Musicforthemorningafter, received critical and commercial success, thus setting expectations high.  In the following decade he released five more albums but although garnering generally positive responses he never achieved the same accolades as the first release. In 2009 he collaborated on an album with actress Scarlet Johannsen. Since 2010 Yorn has gone silent until the release of Arranging Time was released in February.

Yorn has worked with a number of producers over the years but his latest release reunites him with R. Walt Vincent who worked on his debut. Yorn has always exhibited a knack for creating huge hooks and infectious melodies and Arranging Time underscores that talent. His songs burrow into your subconscious on first listen and stay there like a comfortable buzz. The production is superbly glossy with chiming guitars and layered harmony lines. There are hints of blues and folk influences but Yorn never overtly display them. Pay attention and you’ll catch fleeting organ arrangements and acoustic guitar playing out themes within the production.

Yorns lyrics reveal a deep longing for human connection that never seems to come to fruition, or if they do, don’t’ last. These are heartbreak sounds cloaked in rock/pop attire. It’s easy enough to ignore the message and allow yourself to slip into the ocean of sound that surrounds you. It’s not a bad way to drown your misery.

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix)