Passion Pit - "Gossamer"

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On Gossamer Passion Pit synthesizes their sound from schizophrenic electro-pop, to an orchestra of rhythmic- electronic-harmony. The album chronicles front man Michael Angelkos’ various battles with alcoholism, mental illness, depression, and turbulent relationships. Although these topics seem dark, they are accompanied by music that is so joyous, it practical gives you an electro-hug.

Gossamer does what is rarely achieved on a bands sophomoric album, it keeps you interested and surprised at every turn, while being simultaneously danceable, yet retrospective. This is a rare quality that bands like The Rapture or LCD Soundsystem have been able to pull off in recent times. Tracks like "I'll be all right" send you on a spastic cosmic-carnival ride in the best possible way, and that sense of delight and sincerity is captured throughout the album.

I’ll be honest, aside from “Sleepy Head” and its endless remix incarnations, I was unfamiliar and luke warm on Passion Pit. However two tracks in I succumbed to the sonic bliss that Gossamer baths you in and now I’m wide awake to the creative talent and dare I say, Passion that Angelkos’ and company put into their art.

-Review by Joshua Walkos

Full Tracklist:
01. Take a Walk
02. I’ll Be Alright
03. Carried Away
04. Constant Conversations
05. Mirrored Sea
06. Cry Like a Ghost
07. On My Way
08. Hideaway
09. Two Veils to Hide My Face
10. Love Is Greed
11. Its Not My Fault I’m Happy
12. Where We Belong

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