Neighbours - "Prime Numbers"

The Pittsburgh-based band, Neighbours, are doing their best part to keep the spirit of summer going. Prime Numbers captures a sound reminiscent of the early British Invasion crossed with The Beach Boys, leaving you with a feel that it is still mid-July. Prime Numbers contains a unique blend of the surf, garage rock, and soul sounds.

The opening track, “Tell the Truth” grabs you with its groovy guitar riffs before immediately being paired with blasting drums and blaring keys.  The album then takes a quick change from the fast paced rock sound to an ambient, Zombies-like sound with the tracks “What Did You Say?” and “Winifred.” The album continues to evolve musically and members start to slowly come out of their shell.

On track “All The Time,” drummer Andy Mulkerin accentuates his drumming skills with outstanding rhythm work and drum fills. The vocal harmonizing proceeds to grow track by track. The guitar and bass evolve into a single entity that pairs perfectly the drums and keys. The album finishes up with a fun (irony!) and fast paced track “Fun” before leaving you with the poppy track “Streetlight Girl.”

Prime Numbers is that “blast from the past” you have been searching for. Neighbours provide a fresh and unique sound that is a rarity in music today. Prime Numbers will leave you with the sensation of sun in the sky, the sand in-between your feet, and the warm summer breeze blowing through the air.

Review by Drew Frichtel, Afterhours Host at WYEP

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