Lucius "Good Grief"

Wow! Sophomore releases are supposed to be hurdles for emerging bands to clear, full of fumbles, strike outs, and missed shots. Apparently no one told Lucius this because they’ve come up with a slam dunk, touchdown, grand slam, ace – you pick the sports metaphor – with its second release.

Singers/songwriters Jess Wolf and Holly Laessig lead the quintet on eleven tracks built around the duo’s tight harmonies. Their influences pull liberally from Beyonce, Madonna, Kate Bush, while revealing aspects of folk and glam rock. Their production mirrors elements of 1980s and ‘90s production.  Okay, that’s pretty wide ranging, but if you look at the career trajectory of the band it’s been unpredictable. They first came to attention playing folk festivals but their debut album Wildewoman featured rough-edged pop-rock. Good Grief leaps to another level. It’s a resplendent collection of smart, glossy pop, with multi-layered production, and insanely infectious melodies about the adventures and misadventures of the heart.   

What separates Lucius from other comers is Laessig and Wolf’s vocals. Their voices blend so thoroughly that they become one. That is replicated in the pair’s appearance. Doing what they refer to as “dressing the sound” they coordinate  identical outfits and share hair styles, eyewear, and make-up.

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix)