Lord Huron - Vide Noir

Vide Noir is the third album by the Los Angeles indie rock group Lord Huron, and was released last month. The title is French for “black void,” but the void of the title was inspired not by outer or inner space, but rather by late-night drives around Los Angeles by frontman Ben Schneider.

The lyrics certainly touch on dark themes. In fact, fully half of the albums songs use the word “void” in their words. Despite the darkness in the lyrics, however, it doesn’t really feel like an album that’s difficult to get through. The music is mostly upbeat and uplifting, providing a nice counterpoint to the lyrics.

Vide Noir showcases the band’s musical depth, with a wide assortment of styles from song to song. The track “Ancient Names (Part II)” is a high-tech version of wall-of-sound garage rock, complete with heavy guitars and distorted vocals. The very next track on the album is “Wait By the River,” a shimmery kind of crooner song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a David Lynch soundtrack. “Secret of Life” is more of an electronic psychedelic rock, with guitar riffs repeating over synthesizer washes and some wah-wah guitar sounds. And the title song could almost become a Halloween song, with its Theramin-like guitar parts and a chorus that goes “I am only a nameless soul heading into a pure, black void.”

All in all, it’s a recommended album, whether you’re already a fan of the band or if you’re just starting to get tuned in to Lord Huron.