Gov't Mule "Revolution Come...Revolution Go"

As the title of Gov’t Mule’s 10th album implies, the concept of revolution isn’t exactly revolutionary. Warren Haynes’ side project turned 20 a few years ago but shows no sign of slowing down. On Revolution Come…Revolution Go, Gov’t Mule showcase their mastery of Southern-fried, riff-heavy blues rock.

Recording commenced on the evening of Election Day 2016 and it’s hard to not hear the political overtones on this album beginning with “Stone Cold Rage,” a funky blues tune with a hard edge and a sarcastic take on revolution, where Haynes sings, “I ain’t sayin’ that I don’t understand / I ain’t sayin’ we don’t all need to be free / I ain’t sayin’ that I got some better plan / But I ain’t askin’ no one to follow me.”

However, not all of the revolutions on Revolution Come…Revolution Go are political. Some are decidedly personal. On “The Man I Want To Be,” a slow-burning soul rocker, Haynes’ introspection shines through on lines like, “They say as we get older / We get wiser / And I don’t know if that’s true / But I know a fog’s been lifted from my eyes.”

The record plays out similarly to a Gov’t Mule show: blistering from the start with plenty of surprises and a message running throughout. Revolution? Sure, let’s try it. Just don’t look to Warren Haynes for answers in this divided time we’re living in. But know that he’ll be here with you to help work through it. 

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