Fleet Foxes - Crack Up

If you’ve found that you’re needing to turn inward and focus on your own contentment and happiness, the latest from Seattle folk-rock band Fleet Foxes is the album for you. Released five years after their last record, Helplessness Blues, frontman Robin Pecknold has returned to the spotlight after insulating himself during that time. While he was gazing inward, Pecknold was attending Columbia University and withdrew from public life. The opening album begins with almost a mantra and meditation about finding inner peace: “I am all that I need,” although his tone is unconvincing you have to start somewhere. This record is a concentration in slowing down, taking stock in what is important and, of course, high soaring sonically dynamic beautiful music. Proving that they are far more than just “folk-rock” band, the group covers many different sounds including some exotic international folk elements. The music is not easily accessible, but the message is worth the challenge. The album’s core theme is not about the peace Pecknold has been seeking, but the strife of the journey to get there.