Dan Wilson "Love Without Fear"

Dan Wilson can write songs.  Dan Wilson can write songs about anything.  Dan Wilson can even write songs about writing songs.  The last few years have seen Wilson penning major hits for major stars, but on his first album since 2007’s Free Life, Wilson puts his craft to work for himself. 

Though there’s no question of who the star of Love Without Fear is, the credits read like a who’s who of modern Americana music.  Natalie Maines sings harmony along with Sara Bareilles and Lissie.  Blake Mills and Missy Higgins share chords and cords, respectively.  The Watkins siblings – Sara and Sean – both add their unique touches to this record, and, oh yeah, John Munson from Wilson’s old band Semisonic shows up on Love Without Fear, too.    

Love Without Fear is an album about feeling alone.  It’s an album about wanting to share love with someone.  Love Without Fear is also an album about finding those things and what it means to have them.  “Disappearing” sees Wilson practically aching with dread as he describes a set of red taillights slowly fading from view.  The infectious, simplistic “I Can Never Stay Mad At You” makes a compelling case for giving someone another chance.  Wilson has a knack for making small details seem epic.  No emotion is safe from his songwriting sword.  

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