City & Colour "If I Should Go Before You"

Canadian songwriter Dallas Green has a propensity for writing beautiful love songs edged in dark themes. If I Should Go Before You sparkles with lush pop production and swirling eddies of psychedelia, but as the title suggests thoughts of mortality creep into even the most contented of hearts. Green’s trick is turning those unsettling emotions into opportunities to declare eternal devotion.

Green, who records as City & Colour, opens his fifth album with the epic “Woman.” He spins eight short verses into a sprawling nine-minute psychedelic love ballad that will leave you breathless. It’s a further step beyond his past material, and reveals a musician who is actively pursuing a more expansive musical vision. The album’s thematic thread is captured in three verses; “And the planet is covered in dust/I will stand beneath the silver moon rising/ Waiting to resurrect our love.”

Green’s songs are mostly slow to mid-tempo affairs with arrangements that indulge delicately strummed guitar chords, and mellow organ lines that hint at soul roots.  Green’s tenor is clear, precise, and flies high above the mix, injecting a sense of lightness to the album’s moody atmosphere. 

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix)