Carrie Rodriguez "Give Me All You Got"

Carrie Rodriguez's 5th album highlights her evolution as a singer, songwriter, and fiddler.

 Watching Carrie Rodriguez’s career develop is a lesson in how a musician evolves. From her days at Oberlin Conservatory where she was studying classical violin, to her earliest forays into popular music, debuting with Lyle Lovett as a very green fiddler, to an accomplished singer and songwriter, Rodriguez journey is an example of how destiny is a twisting road with unexpected detours. After her stint with Lovett, Rodriquez left Oberlin for The Berklee College of Music, switching from violin to fiddle, a fine line, for sure, but a life changing choice. Rodriquez wasn’t a stranger to the life of a singer/songwriter. Her father, David Rodriguez is a songwriter, but it was her association with singer/songwriter Chip Taylor that solidified her career direction. Rodriguez has honed her writing and singing skills through collaborations and solo recordings.

 This brings us to Give Me All You Got, her fifth studio album. Working with producer Lee Townsend, Rodriguez seems to have found a level of comfort that highlights a growing sense of confidence as both a singer and a songwriter. Some of that poise might be the inspiration of returning to her home in Austin Texas. After a decade in New York, Rodriguez touches base with the people and places that originally inspired her musicality. This is reflected in the leisurely pacing of the album and the contemplative nature of the songs. Although this is an Americana album, Townsend spruces up the arrangements with a touch of pop veneer without veering off course. “Devil In Mind” is an instrumental that reminds you of how accomplished Rodriguez is as a fiddler. “Brooklyn” works as the album’s mission statement, as it waves goodbye to the big city lights while embracing a less ambitious life style. Luke Jacobs offers sweet vocals on the closing duet "I' Don't Mind."

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix Host)