Beach House 'Bloom'

Bloom, the fourth album from this Baltimore duo, takes you into another world. The term thrown around to describe their music is “Dream Pop”. It reminds you a little of the Cocteau Twins (or in some ways, a less weird Sigur Ros). But more than just “dreamy” their music is pastoral, it’s not hard to imagine driving around the countryside listening to this album. Driven by the sweet, reverb-drenched vocals of Victoria Legrande, the group has just gotten better and better with each album. Bloom is their current masterpiece. The “pop” elements are here with catchy hooks and some beautiful layers of keyboards and drum machines (provided by Alex Scully). But Beach House also leaves room to experiment, and has found a subtle way to slip these moments in without freaking out the listener. This is definitely a band to keep an ear on, if they continue on this upward momentum, it will be very interesting to see what they do next. Brian Siewiorek (Production Director)