Album Spotlight: "Saturn Return" By The Secret Sisters


Later this month, the Secret Sisters will release their fourth album.

It’s the second one they've made with the help of Brandi Carlile and her collaborators, which is evident throughout the record.

“Her imprint is on this a lot,” says WYEP’s Rosemary Welsch.

“Saturn Return” is filled with lyrics about many of life’s ups and downs, from the death of a loved one to pregnancy and surviving assault. The name, “Saturn Return,” refers to a difficult period in a person’s life.

“I think it’s really the theme of this record,” says Welsch. “Both of the sisters … were both going through their Saturn Return as they were starting this record.”

The album also features the Secret Sisters’ trademark harmonies, though they went about recording this album a little differently.

“They’re known for their harmonies, but (Brandi Carlile) challenged them and said, ‘I want each of you to take separate leads, to sing on your own – to the extent that you’re not even going to be in the studio with each other,’” says Welsch. “That’s a new thing for them.”

It still feels like they’re in it together, both musically and lyrically. A big theme on this record is motherhood, which may not be surprising given that both sisters discovered they were pregnant going into creating this album.

They also lost both of their grandmothers around the same time. That loss is reflected in the haunting song “Healer in the Sky.”

“I honestly cried a little bit at my desk listening to this one,” says WYEP’s Joey Spehar.

“Saturn Return” comes out Friday, Feb. 28.

“It’s a gorgeous record,” says Welsch.

Listen to their full review below:


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