Album Spotlight: Colorado By Neil Young

“Colorado” is the 39th studio album from Neil Young.

This time around, he is once again joined by Crazy Horse. 

The album touches on strong themes like aging, losing loved ones and mortality. 

“He's a guy that has been witnessing a lot of other musicians and some of his friends who have passed away. I mean, he is in his early 70s now. I'm sure that he is just way more aware of his mortality,” said WYEP’s Rosemary Welsch. 

The album is dedicated to his late manager Elliot Roberts who died last summer.

“Mortality is definitely on his mind. He lost his ex-wife Pegi also within the last year or so,” says WYEP’s Joey Spehar. 

Even with the darker themes, this album should be very pleasing to hardcore Neil Young fans. 

“What I really love about this album is it's quintessential Neil Young and Crazy Horse, meaning that there is nothing about it that is fancy. It is just ‘go into the studio and play it like a rock band and record it and do it as in the moment as you possibly can,” said Welsch.

Accompanying the album is a new film titled “Mountaintop.” The album and film were literally recorded on top of a mountain (oxygen masks were needed to complete the project) and in true Neil Young style, sung only under a full moon. 

Spehar says, “I think if you are a longtime fan of Neil Young, you are going to love this. The playing is great. Neil's tone is amazing. His solos are as biting as ever. Is this “Harvest?" No. Not even close. But, I think it will hold up as a great document of a really good band making excellent music.”

Hear Rosemary Welsch and Joey Spehar's full album review below:


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