Sarah Wemple

Director of Finance and Human Resources

What I enjoy most about working here is that I’m one of the staff members who supports both WYEP and WESA. I enjoy the enthusiasm we all have for both of the radio stations. We work hard in a laid-back environment, and I especially love that several of us often bring our dogs to work with us. Pet therapy for all!

Favorite memory so far: I’m a long-time Squeeze fan, so it was a treat to see Glenn Tilbrook perform live at an in-studio session in 2012.

You may be surprised to know that I earned all my spending money between the ages of 12 and 16 by going door-to-door and taking orders for chocolate chip cookies, and then baking and delivering them the following weekend. They were a deal: two dozen for a dollar. In high school I got sneaky and would always place a bag of cookies on the corner of my desk and eventually one of my classmates would succumb to temptation and break down and buy the bag. I never raised my price, but the cookies got smaller as time went on!

My musical tastes were formed by my brother and a couple of close friends long before I moved to Pittsburgh, and WYEP played all my favorites - Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman, Sting, Squeeze - and introduced me to new favorites such as Frances Dunnery, The Story, Massive Attack, and Portishead.

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