Mike Sauter

Midday Mix Host & Music Director

Greetings! I'm the Midday Mix host, as well as the station's Music Director. I've been here at WYEP since 2003.


I was born in Rochester, NY, and became a radio addict when my age was still in single digits. I've worked on multiple ends of the music world, including a job at a High Fidelity-style record shop, a gig spinning records at a bar, a brief stint sorting mail for A&M Records, and an even shorter attempt to be a music performer.

However, the majority of my life has involved playing music on the radio, doing so since November of 1984 on a handful of independent stations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Contact me at mike@wyep.org.


This Day in the Life

Love the music of The Beatles? So do I. And since they are perhaps the most popular and influential band in rock music history, I do a one-song spotlight every weekday at 1pm. Here are the most recent items from the feature: